Barnsley pupils learn about '˜the internet of things'

PUPILS FROM a Barnsley school have been learning about the technology of the future - known as the Internet of Things.

Caroline Gorski meets pupils at Horizon Community College , Barnsley

The concept is about the potential for the internet and smart devices to connect and control every items such as kitchen appliances, security systems and energy meters.

Caroline Gorski leads the Internet of Things UK programme at Digital Catapult, a centre promoting digital innovation.

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She visited Barnsley to speak to a group of young people at Horizon Community College.

Pupils at the school, aged 11 to 12, are taking part in a national competition called “TeenTech City of Tomorrow” creating models of futuristic “smart buildings” which will explore the potential of Internet of Things to change day-to-day lives.

Ms Gorski said: “The Internet of Things is tomorrow’s exciting technology, here today. It is already being used to create innovative solutions to everyday challenges such as managing our homes and workplaces better, providing health and social care improvements, saving energy and simply organising our lives more efficiently – and it has the potential to do so much more.

“It was great to talk to young people in Barnsley about where this technology may take us in future and to discuss their own projects exploring its potential. The UK is a leading light in the global development of IoT and bright new ideas can come from anywhere. That’s why it is so important to engage with youngsters in to develop their understanding and encourage their inventiveness and creative thinking.”

Horizon College principal Nick Bowen said: “Young people know this, but they don’t really understand the huge opportunities which this digital media will provide for them in terms of meaningful careers for them. “aroline inspired the students to recognise these potential opportunities and to think creatively about how this industry can change their lives and society as a whole.”