Facebook row as Bradford school sends home 150 pupils in one day

A SCHOOL in Bradford has sent home more than 150 pupils for not complying with the school uniform.

An image from the school's website of uniform breaches

Hanson Academy had warned parents that from this week children who failed to dress correctly would be sent home to change.

As a result the secondary school turned away 152 pupils on Tuesday and another 63 on Wednesday.

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Rules include not being allowed to wear patterned trousers, jumpers or trainers or come to school with more than one earring in each ear or with an unnatural hair colour.

Principal Elizabeth Churton told The Yorkshire Post the school had decided “enough was enough”. She said it was important pupils learned to dress appropriately.

Some parents described the move as “draconian” but Ms Churton said the school had the support of the majority of its community. She added: “On Tuesday we sent home 152 students, which represents about eight per cent of our whole school community. Within the hour 72 returned dressed correctly. Today we have sent 63 students back and again the majority came back within the hour.”

Parents were told students “must have the school’s black blazer with the school badge of the breast pocket and must be worn at all times” unless staff give them permission to remove it

A number of parents took to the school’s Facebook page to complain. Linzi Stansfield said: “Provide my son with the perfect shoes and then he can have the education he has a legal right to” adding that she could not afford “to be pandering to whims”.

Damien McDevitt, whose stepson attends the academy, said: “He was refused entry to the school yesterday just because he was wearing a winter coat over his blazer.”

The school’s website states:

Students ARE allowed:

• One pair of plain gold or silver- coloured ear studs or one single stud.

• A wrist-watch.

• Hair bands, scrunchies, bobbles and headscarves (khimar) (but they must be plain and simple).

• Only natural hair colours or appropriately dyed hair in natural colours are permitted. No other dyed colours or streaks are acceptable.

• Tramlines and shaved head designs are not acceptable (including close cut/ shaved panels of hair anywhere on the head that create any patterns including squares or other shapes such as ‘tails’ or V shapes).

• Hairstyles which are suitable for the school environment.

• Hijabs (however, they must be plain black).

• Long hair, but must be neatly tied back for practical lessons such as Design Technology, PE, dance and science, for health and safety reasons.

Students are NOT allowed:

• Facial, body piercings and stretchers on the school premises for health and safety reasons (flesh-coloured retainers are permitted).

• Outdoor clothing inside the school building at any time.

• Trainers or pumps (including brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, etc.)