Learner drivers reliant on '˜Bank of Mum and Dad'

Parents are struggling to keep up with the spiralling cost of getting their children on the road, new research has found, as insurance prices for young drivers rose by an average of 13 per cent in the last year.

Wheel cost of driving lessons revealed

A survey from website NDFA Trusted Dealers, assessing the costs to youngsters of learning to drive, has revealed the extent to which parents are contributing.

And it has shown the lengths which they are taking to lower rising insurance costs.

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Figures from the region show more than one third of parents in Yorkshire, 32.5 per cent, have installed a company ‘black box’ or dashboard camera in their child’s car.

One in five have also agreed to a high excess to reduce costs, while more than a third, 32.5 per cent, have put their names on their child’s insurance policy to lower payments.

Managing director of NDFA Neil Addley said: “The survey findings show that each year the costs associated with learning to drive rises, putting a strain not only on learners, but also on the Bank of Mum and Dad.”

Learning to drive now costs around £7,000, researchers say, with more than three quarters of parents in Yorkshire, 77 per cent, saying they paid for their child’s driving lessons.

One in five, 22.8 per cent, also helped their child with a deposit for a car and almost half of parents revealed they pay out for regular maintenance checks, car accessories and cleaning.