Leeds' primary pupils lessons in community spirit

Primary school pupils in Leeds have taken part in an environmental initiative aimed at instilling a sense of community spirit.

Children from Hawsworth Wood Primary School Hawksworth, Leeds, take part in a day of action with local Police..Connor Lake aged 9 and Bernice Bladon are pictured with PC Helen Brayshaw speed checking vehicles on the Hawksworth Estate..20th March 2019.Picture by Simon Hulme

The school council at Hawksworth Wood Primary, in Kirkstall, have joined local councillors and police officers for a day of action on the area’s estate.

Splitting into teams, and joined by some Year 6 students, the students helped litter pick around the estate, as well as challenging drivers with the use of a speed gun known as ‘smiling Sid’.

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Such initiatives, as well as being fun for the children, said assistant headteacher Sarah Plumb, are a good learning tool in encouraging young people to feel a part of their community, and responsible for it.

“As a school, reaching out, and going into the community, it’s about instilling the hope that our children grow into responsible adults,” she said. “It’s an essential part of the curriculum.

“Learning the value of where we live, and wanting to participate in that.

“And also, in learning about the environment and what we can do to make outdoor areas safe for animals and wildlife.”

Coun Fiona Venner, representing Kirkstall, joined them on the environmental action day.

There was a great turn out from Housing Leeds, West Yorkshire Police and anti-social behaviour teams, she said. The children, she added, had been “fabulous” in their support.

The day of action was initiated by local police officers, but the children had been keen to get involved.

“The children wanted to carry on litter picking, they didn’t want to stop and go back to lessons,” said Mrs Plumb.

“They got to meet a whole range of people, local councillors, police.

“Hopefully, they can carry these good habits into adulthood.

“It’s about making them aware that they can contribute to their community in a positive way from an early age.”