Leeds school sends home 45 pupils as it enforces new uniform policy

AROUND 50 pupils have been sent home from a Leeds school for failing to meet the requirements of a new “more formal uniform” style.

Allerton Grange.
Allerton Grange.

Mike Roper, the new head teacher of Allerton Grange defended the decision and said that more than 95 per cent of students had arrived in the correct full uniform.

However some parents have criticised the way the school has enforced the policy as being “too draconian”.

The school sent home 45 pupils on Tuesday and another 12 yesterday.

Allerton Grange School uniform rules on its website

The uniform policy includes guidelines on what footwear is acceptable and warnings that only minimal make up is permitted for girls and extreme hairstyles “as decided by the school” will not be accepted.

Mr Roper said the more formal uniform style and a stricter behaviour code were part of a drive to raise standards. He added: “This is always a big change for any school community and therefore myself and the governing body made sure we consulted with our Parent Forum first.” He said parents were given four months’ notice and told where to purchase the uniform in a letter sent home in May.

He said that 1,155 students had arrived in full correct uniform on Tuesday – 96 per cent of the school but 45 pupils were sent home to change. Yesterday another 12 were sent home.

Parent Alison McIntyre said that although her daughter had not been sent home she was concerned about the school’s approach. She added: “Some of the rules are too blurred. And what happens if a parents buys an item in good faith but is then told it isn’t right? We want our children to be tolerant of one another but this approach does not seem to be very tolerant towards children.”