A-levels results in full for North Yorkshire schools

Check out our round up of A-level results for schools in North Yorkshire.

Ashville College student Pippa Fieldberg-Collins, 18, is happy with an A*and 2 A's.

Ashville College, Harrogate

P Aungier geog, dram & theat studs, eng lit; J Barker geog, dram & theat studs, gen studs; J Beddard hist, busi studs, des tech, gen studs; S Bhullar psychol, biol, eng lang, gen studs; U Boonyaprasert phys, comp, maths; J Bradley econ, maths, gen studs, des tech; M Butcher econ**, hist*, gov and polits**; A Carberry busi studs, eng lit, pe; J Crooks eng lit, eng lang, gen studs, psychol; K Cross geog*, maths; S Crowhurst eng lang, gen studs, hist, psychol; L Douthwaite dram & theat studs*, eng lang, psychol**; K Dowler biol, econ, gen studs, maths; W Dyson comp**, maths**, frth maths**, physics**; B Eastwood eng lang, eng lit*, hist; A Ellaby econ*, fren*, maths*; G Ellaby busi studs*, econ, gov & polits, gen studs; Z Ellaby eng lit*, hist, psychol; E Elson biol, geog*, psychol; R Fallon hist*, psychol*, rel studs*;

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P Feldberg Collins dram & theat studs*, eng lang*, eng lit**; M Grant eng lang, hist, pe; O Harris des tech**, germ, pe; A Heeley geog; M Holmes des tech*, maths*, physics; A Hunter econ**, eng lit**, hist*; I Hunter econ**, geog*, germ, gen studs; D Johnson chem*, maths**, frth maths*, phys**; S Khan biol*, chem*; B Law maths**, frth maths**, phys*, chin*; R Leventhal biol, hist, psychol; P Li maths, chin; K Li maths*, frth maths, phys, chin; A Liang chem, maths, phys, chin*; H Lister hist, psychol, eng lang, gen studs; A Lo maths*, des tech*, art and des**, chin*; S Lui maths*, frth maths*, phys, chin; B Mahlati maths, phys, des tech; R Miller econ*, eng lit, hist*; A Minasian art and des, psychol, gen studs;

A Osomo eng lit, hist; A Oteh dram and theat studs, eng lang; A Penn biol, maths, phys; B Pitt des tech**, econ**, geog*, gen studs; E Robinson busi studs, fren, span, gen studs; M Rudolph econ*, geog**, pe*; E Rutter busi studs*, eng lang, psychol, gen studs; F Schroder eng lang, eng lit*, hist; W Sharples econ*, gov and polits, hist, gen studs; O Smith eng lit, fren, germ, gen studs; H Suen chem, maths, frth maths, chin; D Swarbrick econ*, gov and polits, gen studs; N Tam chem*, phys, maths*, chin; C Thompson eng lit**, hist*, span**; B Tsang des tech, maths, phys, chin*; E Turnock eng lit*, germ*, hist*; J Varney busi studs, econ, gen studs*; D Watson econ, geog, psychol; T Whitelam biol, psychol*, rel studs; G Whone econ*, eng lang*, eng lit**.

Huntington School, York

F Ahmad gen studs, gov and polits, med studs; M Allington maths, phys, prod des, gen studs; RJ Anderson busi studs, psychol, eng lang, gen studs; G Baron food tech, eng lang, gen studs, med studs; K Bevan phys, gen studs, health and soc c2, apld,sci; E Bird geog, gov and polits, eng lang, gen studs; K Caffrey busi studs, biol, chem, gen studs; A Cairns busi studs, health and soc c, gen studs, apld,sci; S Chapman eng lang, gov and polits, med studs, gen studs; F Chowdhury psychol, sociol; E Clare rel studs, sociol, eng lang, gen studs; D Clipston med studs, sport and pe, eng lang; C Constable maths, psychol, biol, gen studs; K Cooper hist, gov and polits, psychol, fine art, gen studs; A Copley maths, busi studs, chem, gen studs; R Cousins maths, chem, med studs, gen studs; F Daish maths, mus, biol, chem, gen studs; J Dalby maths, geog, phys, gen studs, hist; O Dickons rel studs, hist, busi studs, gen studs; S Dodwell busi studs, med studs, gen studs;

K Draper maths, econ, geog, busi studs, gen studs; A Dunhill prod des, med studs, gen studs, apld busi; A Durkin rel studs, med studs, eng lit; J Ellerker maths, hist, busi studs, gen studs; G Elligott-Furness rel studs, gov and polits, hist, gen studs; A Ferguson food tech, gen studs, apld busi, apld,sci; D Fletcher maths, apld ict, geog, hist, gen studs; K Fletcher apld ict, food tech, hist, biol, gen studs; F Forbes psychol, gov and polits, eng lit, gen studs; M Foster geog, hist, med studs, eng lit, gen studs; K Garnett rel studs, med studs, sociol, gen studs; E Gibbon mus, dram and theat studs, photy, eng lang, gen studs; E Gill food tech, geog, busi studs, gen studs; T Gowland maths, econ, chem, gen studs; J Green hist, psychol, med studs, eng lit, gen studs; K Harris sociol, sport and pe, gen studs, health and soc c; C Harrison maths, phys, biol, gen studs; O Harrison busi studs, gov and polits, hist, gen studs; M Herbert mus, gov and polits, eng lang, gen studs; J Heys geog, gov and polits, med studs;

C Hollows busi studs, textiles, eng lang, gen studs; T Horn chem, gov and polits, eng lit, gen studs; R Horner rel studs, psychol, sociol, gen studs; A Hudson apld busi, textiles, gen studs; C Hudson phys, biol, chem, gen studs; E Hunter geog, gov and polits, prod des, gen studs; A Hussein food tech, med studs, eng lit, gen studs; R Rahman-Kamali maths, rel studs, sociol, gen studs; T Knowles prod des, gov and polits, med studs; S Layton busi studs, psychol, gen studs, health and soc c; H Linaker geog, hist, eng lang, gen studs; H Luck rel studs, dram and theat studs, eng lang, gen studs; R Mackell eng lang, gov and polits, mus, gen studs; A Maltby econ, geog, eng lang, gen studs; M Mancey-Jones fine art, textiles, eng lit, gen studs; E Marlein hist, psychol, sociol, sport and pe, gen studs; S Maskill food tech, geog, busi studs, gen studs; J Matthews maths, mus tech, eng lit, gen studs; C Merritt hist, psychol, eng lit, gen studs; S Millard eng lang, health and soc c;

J Molesbury maths, econ, geog, gen studs; C Moore maths, frth maths, phys, gen studs; R Nichol geog, biol, med studs, gen studs; M Nichols maths, biol, chem, gen studs; L Norton hist, textiles, fine art, eng lit, gen studs; H Osguthorpe econ, apld ict, gen studs, apld busi; J Owen maths, econ, phys, gen studs; S Paterson sociol, health and soc c, gen studs, apld,sci; A Pavlovets maths, sociol, biol, gen studs; J Phillips maths, econ, geog, gen studs; T Pierotti econ, gov and polits, eng lit, gen studs; S Pinder fren, hist, eng lang, gen studs; H Pirie phys, psychol, med studs, gen studs; T Pottage maths, phys, chem, gen studs; H Price dram and theat studs, psychol, eng lit, gen studs; V Reeves maths, phys, biol, chem, gen studs; G Rhodes busi studs, sport and pe, eng lang, gen studs; E Roberts psychol, fine art, eng lit, gen studs; J Rowson hist, psychol, sociol, gen studs; P Savage maths, phys, chem, gen studs;

A Scaife geog, busi studs, eng lit, gen studs; D Sewell geog, eng lit, gen studs, apld busi; C Skidmore maths, geog, mus tech, gen studs; A Small maths, geog, phys, gen studs; E Smith geog, gov and polits, hist, gen studs; D Snashall maths, frth maths, phys, gen studs; R Steer dram and theat studs, hist, eng lit, gen studs; J Thompson fine art, prod des, med studs; R Todd busi studs, med studs, sport and pe, gen studs; R Turnbull food tech, busi studs; N Uddin med studs, eng lang; R Waite phys, biol, chem, gen studs; J Walters maths, geog, phys, prod des, gen studs; E Walton maths, biol, chem, gen studs; S Wilkinson psychol, sport and pe; A Wilson rel studs, eng lang, eng lit, gen studs; J Betteridge econ, prod des, eng lang, gen studs; R Blake fren, psychol, eng lit, gen studs; J Chilton maths, psychol, sport and pe, gen studs; J Davies hist, busi studs, eng lit, gen studs;

C Frank Ikusi rel studs, gov and polits, health and soc c; N Hattam geog, psychol, biol, gen studs; L Horwell food tech, busi studs, eng lit, gen studs; R Hunter hist, dram and theat studs, eng lit, gen studs; B Jones apld ict, trav and tour, food tech, gen studs, apld busi; J Lambert psychol, sociol, eng lang; P Moss maths, phys, chem; L Nawaqaliva psychol, sociol, eng lang, gen studs; S Robinson food tech, busi studs, eng lang, gen studs; J Rowell psychol, med studs, eng lang, gen studs; J Stanton biol, prod des, gen studs; L Sutton rel studs, psychol, eng lang, gen studs; L Taylor rel studs, gov and polits, psychol, gen studs; K Trotter food tech, gen studs, health and soc c2; J Walsh eng lang, dram and theat studs, eng lit; N Sellers eng lit, psychol, apld sc, gen studs; L Douse hist, rel studs, gen studs; G Feasby fine art, med studs, eng lit, gen studs; B Griffiths hist, eng lang, eng lit, gen studs, fren; S Halmshaw busi studs, gen studs, med studs;

C Himlin textiles, med studs, gen studs, gov and polits, busi studs; J Littlechild rel studs, hist, busi studs, gen studs; M Newbold mus tech, med studs, apld busi, gen studs; F Ward maths, phys, psychol, gen studs.

Thirsk School and Sixth Form College

L Allison pe, sport and pe BTEC Dip**; D Atkinson biol, maths*, phys; K Barningham busi studs, food tech, maths; A Booth eng lit*, hist, maths*; M Bowman chem*; N Bown biol, geog, maths; J Brewer biol*, chem, maths; K Broadley psychol, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; J Brooks biol, maths, frth maths; L Burnett eng lang, rel studs, pe; K Burrell busi studs*, hist*, rel studs*; P Bush biol*, chem, phys; T Campbell fine art*, psychol, rel studs; K Carver hist, rel studs, pe; E Daniva rus*; N Dargue biol**, geog, maths**; J Dearlove gen studs, psychol, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; J Dickinson chem; L Docherty maths, psychol, rel studs; B Edwards eng lit, hist, music BTEC*;

S Ferebee busi studs, eng lang, rel studs; D Foggin maths**, frth maths**, rel studs*; N Fox sport and pe BTEC Dip; J Greenock chem, gen studs, maths; H Handford eng lit*, hist, rel studs*; P Hardy biol, chem, maths; K Howe biol, hist, pe; K Hunter fine art, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; B Irving maths*, rel studs*, pe; H Jackson biol, food tech, maths; M Jackson eng lang, sport and pe BTEC Dip; A James geog, maths, phys; E Jennings rel studs, health and soc Cam Tec Dip*; A Jobling eng lit, fine art, rel studs*; F King biol, chem, maths; H Kyne biol, busi studs, gen studs, geog; A Langstaff biol*, chem, hist*; E Lee germ*, maths, rel studs*; A Lidster eng lit, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip, sport and pe BTEC sub Dip; C Lyth maths**, frth maths**, phys**, rel studs*;

A Manners eng lit*, hist*, rel studs**; E Maury busi studs, eng lit, rel studs; J McCallum geog; H McGuiness eng lit, hist, rel studs; B Milligan sport and pe BTEC Dip; E Mitchell fren, hist, rel studs*; A Nejzer dram and theat stud, eng lit, gen studs; A O’Brien biol*, chem*, maths; H Parker-Eland OCR iMedia, health and soc Cam Tech Dip; J Parle maths**, frth maths**, phys**; M Parle biol*, maths*, phys*; E Parvin rel studs, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; E Pattinson busi studs, eng lit, germ; R Perrett fine art, ICT, rel studs; D Quill eng lit, fine art, rel studs; P Rayner rel studs*, health and soc Cam Tech Dip; J Reynard eng lit, maths, phys; L Richards fine art, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip, OCR iMedia; A Roberts biol**, chem*, maths**; B Robson biol, chem, maths;

J Sayer busi studs, eng lang, ICT; H Scaife rel studs, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; J Shaw fren, geog, maths; E Simpson eng lit, hist, rel studs*; H Simpson apld busi, eng lang, health and soc Cam Tech Cert, OCR iMedia; S Skinner fine art**, heatlh and soc Cam Tech Dip**; E Smith hist, rel studs, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip*; K Spence dram and theat stud; C Steel eng lit, maths, phys; B Suffield busi studs, germ, ICT; J Talman ICT, maths*, phys; JB Taylor biol, hist, pe; JG Taylor hist, ICT, psychol; W Taylor busi studs*, geog**, maths*; H Thornton geog**, hist, rel studs*; H Tyson biol, maths*, pe; N Wastell sport and pe BTEC Dip; R Weaver rel studs**, health and soc Cam Tech Dip*; N Wong busi studs*, fine art, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip*; D Wood biol*, chem, maths, phys*.

St Peter’s School, York

F Adams biol, econ*, geog*; C Andrews biol, chem, phys; H Andrews eng lit, hist, pol; J Bell chem*, maths**, phys; J Bellingall chem, maths, phys; S Bigger biol*,geog*,hist; E Bower hist, pol, rel studs; I Brattan econ*, maths**,pol; J Brennan biol, frth maths*, maths**,phys*; P Brown biol*, chem, hist**; A Budarina art*, des tech, phys, russ*; H Burke biol**, germ, maths; T Calvert class civil, econ, maths; S Carlton biol**, chem, maths*; E Carman econ*, frth maths*, maths**, phys; W Catchpole busi studs, geog, pe; C Chan art**, chin*, econ*, maths*,phys; S Chan econ, frth maths*, maths**, phys; C Cheng frth maths**, maths**, mus*, phys*; T Chiu chem*, frth maths*, maths**, phys*;

E Coates biol**, chem**, maths*, phys**; W Coidan biol*, chem*, maths*; J Contreras hist, pol*, rel studs; P Copley biol*, chem*, maths**; G Cornock class civil, econ, rel studs; J Crowther biol, maths; T Dickinson econ, maths, phys; S Dobson chem**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**;

A Dodds chem, maths**, phys; J Downie geog, maths; H Drinkwater art**, geog, maths; E Easterby biol, rel studs, span; C Elliot busi studs, hist, pol; E Elstob class civil**, dram and theat studs*, eng lit; A Eyre fren*, pol, rel studs; H Eyre des tech, econ*, maths*; H Falshaw eng lit, geog, pe; E Fletcher biol, class civil, pe; S France art*, class civil, geog*; J Frazer biol**, chem**, maths**; L Freeman biol, chem, rel studs; J Fry hist*, maths**, pol*; W Fynn class civil, econ*, rel studs; M Gabbertas eng lit*, fren*, hist**; M Gaias biol*, chem*, maths*; M Garbutt chem*, maths**, phys*; J Gebbie econ, hist, pol; D George chem*, maths*, phys;

J Graham chem*, maths*, phys*; B Grant des tech, dram and theat studs, rel studs; E Gray fren**, lat*, maths**; J Greenall chem*, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; S Ha chem*, chin*, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; G Hall class civil*, eng lit**, hist**; R Hall biol*, chem, geog**; A Harrison biol, chem, hist*; G Harrison fren, hist, span, lat; O Herman econ, hist*, maths; S Hilmy biol, chem, maths*; A Hinde des tech, maths, phys; S Hinde art**, econ, geog; C Hopkinson chem, maths, phys; R Hulmes biol, econ*, geog*; L Hunter fren*, hist*, span*; E Illingworth dram and theat studs**, eng lit, hist*; D James chem, maths, phys; I Jefferies art*, class civil, hist; K Kulik hist, maths, phys, russ*;

Y Kumordzi art**, biol, maths; T Ledden hist*, pol**, rel studs*; K Leung art**, frth maths*, maths**, phys*; E Martin hist**, pol*, span*; S Metcalfe hist, pol, rel studs; V Morshchagina econ, maths, russ*, span; L Nichols biol, econ*, maths; H Nozedar eng lit, fren*, maths; M Nozedar econ*, hist, maths; L Pajovi art**, biol**, hist*, maths**; A Payne biol*, chem**, lat*, maths*; W Pepper class civil, econ, hist; K Phillips eng lit*, lat*, rel studs*; S Philpott biol**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; Z Pindar biol**, chem**, maths**; A Plane eng lit*, fren*, lat*; J Proctor eng lit, pe, biol; S Pycock eng lit, hist*, pol; K Raines biol, eng lit, hist; H Ramalingam art*, hist*, rel studs*;

E Rawson class civil*, econ*, eng lit*; A Reeds fren**, hist**, span**; A Rhodes econ**, maths**, phys**; L Schofield eng lit*, fren*, hist*; C Scholey busi studs, geog, pol; A Shaw maths, phys, span; H Shaw busi studs*, des tech, geog*; S Shaw class civil, econ, maths*; T Simpson chem**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; C Smith biol, geog, pe; O Smith biol*, econ*, maths; H Snell econ, maths, phys; O Spearman busi studs, des tech, geog; J Stanford biol, chem, maths*; E Stephenson des tech, econ*, maths; D Stone eng lit, geog**, hist**; A Sunuwar biol, econ, maths; J Szeto biol, chem*, frth maths*, maths**; L Tang eng lit**, fren*, rel stud**; E Taylor biol*, chem*, maths*;

J Taylor busi studs, geog, pe; T Tomlinson econ, maths, pe; K Tong hist*, maths**, phys; J Town maths, mus; N Ubhi biol**, chem**, maths**; J Walmsley biol**, chem**, maths**; G Ward econ*, fren*, hist*; W Waterhouse econ**, maths**, phys*; E Wells art*, hist*, pol; C Williams biol**, chem*, phys*.

Harrogate High School

B Anderson chem, maths, phys; N Arnold btecsport; B Atkinson eng lit, geog, btecsport; R Barratt art, ict, prod des; S Batt btecbus, btecsport; G Bradshaw biol, chem, hist; L Broadley btecsport; J Bytheway btecbus, btechsc; A Callisen ict, maths; C Campey eng, eng lit, hist; N Choudhury art, maths; D Constable chem, maths; L Dearlove btecbus, btechsc; A Dingley btecsport; T Ellis text; A Erskine eng lit, hist; L Forshaw btecbus, btecsport; L Gambles eco, btecmusc; S Hall eco, fre, maths, spa; T Haque art; T Haque art, hist;

K Harrison-Wood pa, rs, text; A Hanalova btechsc, btechosp, btecsci; L Hegarty eng lit, ict, btecbus; A Henderson btechsc, btechosp, btecsci; S Jabbal prod des; J Johnson maths, phys; D Judge maths, btecsport; C Kay geog, hist, psych; J Kirby pa, btecsport; T Knowles eco, ict; C Langford btechsc, btechosp, btecsport; J Leigh ict, maths, prod des; B Lishke ict, btecsport; J Lofthouse btecbus, btecart; A Lovett btecsport; J Maddison-Lee pa, btechsc; N Malton eco, eng lit, btecmusc; R McDonald eng lit, hist, psych; J McHugh asd; M McHugh eng lit, hist, psych;

A McMillan biol, fre, psych; K Mitchelhill btechsc, btecsci, btecsport; J Nadin art, med; S Newbould biol, chem, btecsport; J Niddrie eng, med; V Nolan btecbus; R Ogle asd; C Pearson ict, med,pa; H Pearson btechsc; M Pearson pa, btechsc, med; H Popplewell eng lit, hist, mus, spa; M Purvis eng, btechsc; L Pye btecbus, btecsport; K Ramsey geog, hist, maths; H Randall btechsc; G Rogan eng lit, btechsc, btechosp; C Sanpher btecsport; C Sarker dra, eng, hist; S Shaw eng, text, spa; C Shutt btechosp;

A Simpson art, text, btecsport; D Stacey ict, btecsport; N Stocks btecbus, btecsci; R Threadgold eng, text, btechsc, btecsci; J Vasilevska rus, btecbus, btechsc; J Wharton btecsport; J White dra, med, prod des; N Wiggins btechsc, btechosp; E Woodward btechsc, btechosp; L Wrightson ict, btecbus, btecsport; H Young eng, geog, med.

Skipton Girls’ High School

E Addyman art and des**, psychol; P Almack geog**, biol*, chem*; C Alton art and des*, biol*, maths*; M Ansari eng lang, gov and polits, eng lit, gen studs; N Aziz psychol, biol, apld busi, gen studs; A Barrett geog, biol, maths; O Bell art and des, eng lit, hist; N Below biol**, chem*, fren*, maths*; O Benson geog, biol, maths*, gen studs; I Berrisford biol, chem, maths; R Bibi biol, chem, maths; A Binns art and des*, psychol, hist; H Birch geog, gov and polits*, hist*; H Booton eng lang**, eng lit*, hist**; N Boylan psychol, eng lit, fren; N Brown pe, geog**, biol; E Buck frth maths*, phys*, maths**; E Burridge psychol, biol, gen studs; C Byrne geog**, eng lit*, germ*; T Calow geog, chem, germ;

A Cavalleri eng lang*, chem, eng lit*; E Chadwick eng lit, apld busi, hist; S Clarke geog, biol, apld busi**; Z Clayton biol, hist, maths; A Cockshott biol**, chem**, phys*, maths**, gen studs*; S Davis psychol*, geog, chem; J Dixon biol, chem, eng lit; M Done rel studs, gov and polits, eng lit; I Doyle apld busi*, er, maths; L Eaton psychol, hist, maths; L Fenn eng lang, apld busi, hist, gen studs; H Fitzsimmonds biol*, chem*, er*; F Gee biol*, chem, eng lit; R Gill eng lang, psychol, geog*; K Goodwill pe, eng lang, psychol; J Green rel studs*, eng lit*, maths; E Hargreaves eng lang, biol, chem; S Harker gov and polits, eng lit, hist; O Harnby biol, chem*, maths*, gen studs; E Harpa eng lang*, psychol, eng lit*;

B Harper psychol, apld busi; H Harper eng lang, eng lit, apld busi*; R Haynes biol*, chem*, maths*; S Heseltine chem, apld busi, maths; C Hosker frth maths**, chem*, fren*, phys*, maths**; E Hudson eng lang, psychol, hist**, gen studs*; J Hutchinson mus, fren**, germ*; M Imran biol, chem, maths; A Johnson art and des**, eng lang, psychol; S Kaf Al-Ghazal arab, chem; S Kaur geog, biol, chem; R Keighley geog, chem, maths; F Ketteman art and des**, chem*, eng lit**; S Kirby psychol, biol, chem; E Leeming eng lang, psychol, germ ; G Lister art and des, eng lit, apld busi; H Lund psychol*, geog, chem; H Marchesi art and des**, rel studs, apld busi; K Marshall eng lang, geog, eng lit; E Martin psychol, rel studs*, hist;

E Maudsley gov and polits**, eng lit, hist*; E McDowell biol, chem, apld busi* ; I McFarland eng lang, eng lit*, hist**; A McKinney biol, apld busi*, maths; K Moran biol**, chem**, phys*, maths**; J Newell biol*, chem*, maths** ; R Newhouse frth maths**, biol**, chem**, maths** ; S O’Hara chem*, gov and polits**, maths*; E Paley eng lang, psychol, rel studs, hist*; A Peach art and des**, phys, er*; E Peake eng lang**, eng lit*, hist** ; R Pendlebury psychol*, gov and polits**, hist**; R Pepper psychol*, biol* , chem; F Persaud rel studs, gov and polits, eng lit, gen studs; S Pervez psychol*, biol, chem, gen studs; C Pope eng lang, psychol, chem; C Pye geog, apld busi*, er, gen studs; M Radley eng lang*, psychol*, geog** ; C Reay geog*, biol*, chem*; N Rice-Birchall geog*, chem*, hist**;

L Richardson biol*, chem*, maths*; S Roberts art and des*, mus, rel studs*; B Rolph biol*, chem*, maths*; E Roulston geog**, chem**, maths**; E Sandoe eng lang**, mus, eng lit*, phys**; R Scrivin geog, chem, er, gen studs; S Shaheen eng lang, gov and polits, hist; L Shearer eng lit, apld busi, hist ; J Sheldon eng lang, rel studs, maths, gen studs ; C Shepherd geog, chem, maths; L Shuttleworth psychol, geog, apld busi, gen studs; M Simpson geog, biol, chem; G Smith biol**, chem**, maths*; G Southwell psychol, geog*, biol**; T Stokes art and des, eng lang, psychol; S Stott frth maths*, chem**, phys**, maths**; E Stow biol, chem, maths; E Strickland rel studs, hist, crit think, gen studs; R Tawn frth maths*, chem**, phys**, maths**; A Taylor biol*, chem*, maths*;

S Taylor psychol, geog, maths; R Throup geog*, biol, chem*; F Virk biol, chem, eng lit; M Webster art and des, psychol, mus; P Webster psychol, geog, apld busi*; L West geog*, gov and polits**, eng lit; E Westwood art and des**, eng lit, fren; C White rel studs, eng lit, apld busi; E Whyte biol, chem, maths*; I Williams eng lang*, geog*, chem; L Wills frth maths**, biol**, chem**, phys**, maths**; C Wilson chem, hist, maths; A Wilton art and des**, biol*, maths*; I Woodhead chem, gov and polits, er; L Worrall geog, chem, apld busi*; U Zaka eng lang, psychol, apld busi, gen studs.

Craven College, Skipton

A Braid bu*, py, ma; C Brown bi, ma, ch; M Burnley pg, bu; A Burrell pg, bu; L Fielding py, so, el; M Fox ma, ch, ph, gl; D Gannon fi, ms, so, en; C Ghindea py, so, gy; A Hopkins el, ea, fa; J King pg, ms, tx; E Laycock cz, fr*, bu; S Lockwood hi, gr, art, it; G Nethercott hi, gy, ea; C Peach pg, fi, hi; E Peel bu, py; R Peniket pg, py, so, epq; N Perera py, so*, ms; E Reynolds pg, fi, gr, art; C Ridley py, so*, el; SJ Simmons-Powell pg, py, so;

W Stocker el, py, so; D Taylor py*, so*, cz; K Taylor py, gr, art*, en; R Tudor py, el, fi; J Votsikas hb, py, so; C Woods bi**, py*, epq**, so*; H Yates el, hi, py, epq**; J Clayton gy, gl*, ev; G Hibbs ch, ph, ma; N Mitchell ma, ph, ch; A Parkinson ma, hi, ea; W Pusey gr, art, en, fi; H Russell py, so; A Walsh fr, el, ea.

All Saints RC School, York

G Anderson apld busi2, textiles, sport and pe; S Analey eng lit**, fren, gov and polits*; B Arrowsmith eng lang*, fren*, germ*; Z Bahrani-Peacock art and des, busi studs, germ*, span*; F Baistow eng lit, med studs, theat studs; G Banks dance, eng lang, hist; C Bee busi studs, eng lang, rel studs; M Bentall eng lang, eng lit, hist; J Bergin busi studs, hist; S Bernard eng lit*, rel studs, theat studs; R Black photy, apld busi2; L Blacker apld busi2; N Blakeborough photy**, eng lang*, eng lit; C Bradley eng lang; P Brydon chem, germ* maths*; C Chadwick eng lit, fren, psychol; C Chatakondu eng lang*, gov and polits**, hist**; J Clark gov and polits; E Clifford photy; S Coffey gov and polits;

L Copeland eng lang, med studs**, social; H Crane busi studs*, eng lang, med studs; E Crocker biol*, eng lang*, fren*; E Cross photy, med studs, psychol; M Davies eng lit, hist, mus tech; C Dawson art and des*, eng lit, hist; M Dela Cruz photy, health and soc c2; L Dickinson eng lang, gov and polits, hist; J Dobbs biol, busi studs, psychol; D Dubel biol, geog, hist; J Duffill busi studs, prod des, maths; G Duxbury-Varas biol, busi studs, span; A Elliott rel studs; M Elvidge apld busi2****, hist; M Eyre fren*; J Fenn eng lang*, gov and polits**, hist; E Fortune art and des, eng lit, hist; M Foster art and des, busi studs, eng lang; J Garry biol, maths, mus tech; S Geczy eng lang, theat studs;

T George maths, phys, span; I Gilding photy, eng lang, eng lit; E Glover-Wood rel studs, gov and polits, hist; E Gourlay eng lang*, eng lit*, hist**; J Greensmith eng lang, hist, psychol; M Halder biol, maths, sport and pe; O Hall eng lang, hist; R Hamlyn-Whitehead art and des; M Harris eng lang, maths, phys; R Harrison rel studs, mus, theat studs*; C Hawkshaw art and des*, biol, maths; F Hayes art and des, photy*, theat studs; L Helliwell prod des, eng lang, rel studs*; C Henderson photy, geog, span*; J Hindle biol, hist, psychol; H Hodgeson art and des, eng lit, psychol; W Holford eng lang, gov and polits*, hist; W Hopkinson eng lit, gov and polits, hist; J Hudson prod des*, maths, phys; E James art and des*, eng lit*, hist;

R Jarman art and des, photy, fren; A Jones dance, eng lit, hist; B Kane apld busi2; E Keane photy, health and soc c2; N Kestevan eng lit**, fren, hist; A Kirby art and des, eng lang, mus; S Kite biol*, geog*, psychol*; J Kruszewski apld busi2; D Langan biol*, chem*, maths*; R Lawson gov and polits, hist, maths; H Lee-Phillips eng lit, rel studs**, mus tech; J Li biol, busi studs, chem; C Lord biol, eng lang*, geog*; J Luke eng lit, rel studs, theat studs; F Mahon biol, eng lang, rel studs; M Marland biol**, eng lit*, psychol**; J Martin eng lang, rel studs*, gen studs*, gov and polits**; N Martin photy, busi studs, textiles, gen studs; W Martin busi studs, gov and polits, hist; C Masiak busi studs, gen studs, maths, mus;

A Matchett eng lit**, fren*, maths, psychol**; S McKeown busi studs*, rel studs**, gen studs, hist; R McMonagle biol, chem, hist**; E McCue busi studs, eng lang, sport and pe; E McTighe eng lit*, gov and polits, hist*; Z Middleton chem*, maths*, phys; S Mohammed biol, chem, textiles*; A Moriarty biol, busi studs, sport and pe; B Mun busi studs, chin, eng lang, psychol; M Neal biol, eng lit, psychol; L Newby art and des, photy, textiles; I Nugent photy, eng lang, eng lit; O O’Shea geog, gov and polits, hist; W Orpe biol*, maths*, phys; M Orr biol, chem, hist; L Overton biol, chem, eng lit; A Parkes eng lang, gov and polits, hist; E Parkin biol, eng lang, mus tech; N Pocock chem, maths, phys; L Poshai eng lang, geog, gov and polits*;

D Powell biol, maths, phys; L Pugh biol**, chem**, maths*; P Punshon rel studs, gov and polits, hist; M Purcell art and des, eng lang, psychol; J Purves apld busi2*, prod des; E Rawcliffe apld busi2, psychol; L Reeves health and soc c2; E Reilly dance*, eng lit, gov and polits; J Ridgway eng lit*, gov and polits, hist; A Ridsdel-Brown art and des, photy**, eng lang; K Riley health and soc c2, psychol; E Robinson biol, chem, eng lit; O Robinson eng lang, health and soc c2; R Rowntree textiles; L Scaife chem*, maths*, phys*; H Schneider art and des*, fren, span; R Scott biol, chem*, maths; A Scotter busi studs, gov and polits, hist; C Semourson art and des, photy, textiles; C Sharp eng lit, geog, psychol;

O Sharpley health and soc c2, psychol; M Sheard prod des, geog, phys; P Simison rel studs, maths, phys; H Smith fren, hist; M Smith maths, mus tech, phys; W Smith apld busi2, gen studs; L Steel art and des, textiles, eng lit; E Stephenson biol, chem, maths; P Stockton biol, geog*, maths; E Stronach eng lit**, psychol**, theat studs**; E Sutherland art and des, eng lang; R Taylor McEwan art and des, eng lit*, psychol*; F Thomas eng lang, geog, mus tech; O Thomas biol, maths, psychol*; J Thompsett eng lit, hist, med studs; A Wade biol, chem, psychol; E Wade busi studs, eng lang, maths*; H Waggett photy, textiles, med studs; A Walker eng lang, germ, gov and polits; CJ Walker biol, chem, phys;

CS Walker busi studs, rel studs, geog; N Walker biol**, prod des*, maths**; I Walkling eng lit*, rel studs**, theat studs**; P Warren biol*, gov and polits*, hist; H Webb photy, eng lang, med studs; R Wedgebury art and des*, photy**, eng lit*; P Weller chem*, fren**, maths**, med studs*, phys*, span*; K Wenham-Brown eng lit**, gov and polits, hist**; R Willis busi studs, eng lang, mus tech; A Wilson health and soc c2*, hist; S Wilson eng lang*, eng lit**, theat studs**; J Winn biol, chem, gen studs, geog; G Woolley biol, eng lang, psychol*; S Wright biol, prod des, hist; N Zannikos art and des, eng lang, eng lit.

Rossett School, Harrogate

A Button med stud, ICT, eng lang; A Ellmore geog, busi studs, biol; A Grace med stud; A Heaney-Eagle maths*, phys, frth maths; A Pitts hist, fren, eng lit; A Robinson med stud, PE, eng lang; A Thompson Fr*, span*, phys; B Parker maths*, rel studs**, fren; B Walker econ, eng lang, eng lit; B Wood apld busi; C Clark Fr*, span*, chem; C Cullingworth art and des*, phys*, maths*; C Newton biol, chem, psychol; C Penney chem, maths; C Snuggs prod des; D Almack apld busi, apld busi2; D Easton biol, eng lit, chem; D Hobson art and des, med stud, dram and theat studs; D Radcliffe mus tech, mus, ICT; D Stenson busi studs*, ICT*, geog;

D Swales med stud, eng lang, psychol; E Barker med stud, art and des, eng lit; E Cross art and des, med stud, eng lang; E Grant busi studs, sociol, psychol; E Higgins biol*, maths*, econ**; E Matthews psychol; E Morrow psychol*, rel studs**, eng lit; F Jesper health and soc c2, eng lang; G Martin busi studs, sociol, psychol; H Davy chem*, biol**, maths**; H Gulamhusein ICT, chem, phys; H Inglehearn health and soc c2, psychol; H Ingram eng lit, psychol, biol; H Martin busi studs, apld sci, econ; H Popely health and soc c; H Williams prod des, health and soc c2; J Agars prod des, med stud; J Bowden art and des, med stud; J Fagan econ, psychol, biol; J Gill dram and theat studs;

J Harrison Fr*, busi studs, maths; J Lofthouse maths*, PE, phys; J McLoughlin biol*, Fr*, chem; J Murray maths, phys, eng lit; J Payne prod des, maths, phys; J Rock ICT, mus tech, mus; J Skelly med stud, hist, busi studs; J Smith art and des, prod des; J Stueber germ*; J Symonds hist, rel studs; J Vallance eng lang; K Bairstow chem, biol, eng lang; K Jemeljanovica rus**, health and soc c, ICT; K Lang sociol, ICT, eng lit; K Wignall psychol*, health and soc c, biol; L Annett phys*, maths*, chem; L Daly PE, maths, biol; L Devlin psychol, sociol; L Fall med stud, health and soc c2; L Giles ICT, prod des;

L Hines health and soc c; L Hines eng lang; L Nelson health and soc c; L Nelson psychol; L Norton apld busi, health and soc c; L O’Grady psychol, hist, econ; L Simpson apld busi, PE,; L Williams ICT, med stud, eng lit; M Burnill biol, maths, rel studs; M Oates med stud, ICT; M Rall span*, biol, psychol; M Robinson PE, econ, busi studs; M Rogerson maths, hist, phys; N Harrison apld busi, prod des; N Hoyle psychol, sociol, apld sci; N Panesar ICT, art and des, prod des; O Arion Fr*, span*, psychol; O Dalby apld sci, psychol, biol; P Bickerdike med stud, eng lang, apld sci; P Kyriacou maths, phys, chem;

R Atkinson psychol, biol, eng lit; R Cunningham eng lit; R Harrison phys*, maths*, prod des; R Hart hist, eng lit, psychol; R Holgate busi studs, ICT, apld sci; R Lowndes med stud, ICT; R Morris maths, phys, frth maths; R Wilkinson art and des; S Hain chem*, biol*, eng lit**; S Lyth biol*, geog, maths; S Scott mus, mus tech, med stud; S Thong ICT; S Wilson art and des**, eng lang, biol; T Dacres dram and theat studs, art and des,; T Megson hist*, biol*, chem; T Thickett art and des, prod des,; T Van den Hoeven mus tech, phys, maths; W Geldart prod des; Z Ellmore prod des*, eng lang, psychol.

Malton School, Malton

D Bentley art and des, gen studs, hist; S Blacklock hist**, gen studs**, rel studs**, social**; L Bottomley busi studs, gen studs, psychol, social**; H Carter art and des, eng lang and lit, gen studs, rel studs; E Clayton gen studs, geog, sociol; J Criddle biol, chem, gen studs, phys; A Croall biol, gen studs, pe, psychol; E Farrow biol, chem*, gen studs, maths**; L Faulkner biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; S Fenwick maths**,frth maths*, gen studs, phys*; E Fothergill eng lang and lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; M Fraser busi studs, gen studs, gov and polits, pe; C Harrison biol, chem, gen studs, phys; E Henderson eng lang and lit, gen studs, gov and polits, hist; H Hopkin gen studs, hist, sociol; J Hutchinson-Colbeck chem, gen studs, maths, phys; H Johnson eng lang and lit, gen studs, hist, maths; J Kett eng lang and lit, gen studs, hist, rel studs; K Keys gen studs, gov and polits, hist, sociol; A Leadley art and des, gen studs, photy;

A Machen gen studs, gov and polits, hist, maths; M McCourt chem, gen studs, maths, phys; M McNeill gen studs, psychol, rel studs, sociol; M Murphy gov and polits*, hist, sociol; S Newton biol*, gen studs, geog*, maths; K Palmer-Rippin gen studs, psychol, rel studs, sociol; M Parrott gen studs, geog, maths, span*; R Paul gen studs, hist, rel studs, sociol; J Pitkin biol, gen studs, germ, hist; R Popham biol, chem, gen studs, phys; L Rawling prod des**, eng lang and lit, gen studs, geog; O Rawling biol, chem, gen studs, phys; T Rawlings biol*, chem*, gen studs, phys*; A Richardson gen studs, pe; J Richardson biol, gen studs, hist; A Riley biol, chem, gen studs, phys; B Riley eng lang and lit, gen studs, gov and polits, hist; A Robinson gen studs, geog, hist; A Smurthwite art and des, eng lang and lit, gen studs, hist; W Spencer eng lang and lit**, gen studs, hist*, maths, phys; B Spink busi studs, prod des, gen studs, pe; P Sykes chem, pe, phys; J Walker biol, chem, gen studs, phys; D Whitley-Wright maths**,frth maths, mus, gen studs, phys*; J Winship gen studs, geog, hist, maths; J Wood busi studs, gen studs, hist; A Woodfine chem*, gen studs, phys*.

Ripon Grammar School, Ripon

R Aitken chem**, fren*, germ**, maths**; L Alblas class civil*, eng lit*, hist*; R Barr econ, gen studs, hist, sport and pe; S Barr hist, maths, psychol; B Beadle chem*, fren*, psychol; R Beardsall art**, des tech*, geog**; A Bell biol**, chem**, hist*; K Bernard biol**, chem**, fren**; J Blyton econ*, hist**, maths**; M Botros art**, des tech, psychol; H Bradley chem*, hist*, maths**; M Brown eng lit, ICT, psychol; C Bucktrout busi studs*, gen studs, geog, hist; J Butterell eng lit*, hist, rel studs**; H Carlisle biol, chem, geog*; C Carter chem*, maths*, phys; C Caswell chem*, maths, rel studs; A Cheng biol, chem, maths; A Clancy class civil*, econ*, hist*; H Constable art**, class civil, des tech;

F Copas art**, chem, gen studs, rel studs; B Coppack biol, chem, hist; Z Cotton art*, biol*, chem*, maths**; A Crampton chem, gen studs, maths, phys; J Crewe econ, gen studs, sport and pe, psychol; H Cunningham art**, eng lit*, fren**; Z Dean-Stone chem*, maths*, phys; M Dickinson mus tech, sport and pe, phys; A Dinning eng lit*, fren, hist*; B Dinsdale biol*, chem*, psychol*; L Edwards biol**, chem**, frth maths**, maths**; P Edwards class civil*, eng lit**, hist; A El-Hamdy chem**, frth maths, maths**, phys**; M Ellerker chem*, econ*, maths, phys*; L Elvidge eng lit, fren, gen studs, psychol; E Eves art**, des tech, hist; J Feingold art**, des tech*, gen studs, psychol; C Fletcher gen studs, hist*, ICT, mus tech; A Forbes art, dram and theat studs, mus tech; J Foster chem, des tech, geog;

W Foster chem, frth maths, maths*, phys; J Freathy econ, frth maths*, maths**; E Frost biol*, chem*, hist*; A Garner chem**, maths*, phys**; B Gibb chem, econ, geog*; O Grady biol, chem*, phys*; G Groves biol, chem, maths*; K Hadley biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; M Hall chem**, frth maths*, maths**, phys*; S Headland chem, maths, phys; E Hill biol**, chem, geog*; O Hinchcliffe biol, chem*, psychol*; F Holmes art**, econ*, hist*, maths**; C Holstein art, chem, maths; F Howe biol*, chem, maths, psychol; S Hudson biol, maths, sport and pe; S Ingram biol, chem*, maths*; J Jameson-Allen econ**, geog**, maths; W Johnson econ, hist, maths*; H Johnston art**, des tech, psychol;

C Johnston biol**, dram and theat studs, geog*; H Jones art**, eng lit, gen studs, rel studs*; J Joyce gen studs, ICT, maths*, phys*; C Kessell biol**, chem**, maths*; C Lamb eng lit, fren, gen studs, hist; K Laugher art, eng lit, psychol; L Lavell des tech, maths, phys; J Leetham biol, chem, gen studs, maths; A Linscott frth maths, maths*, phys; S Lintern biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; R Lyall art**, biol, chem; A Makepeace biol**, chem**, dram and theat studs, phys*; C Man chem**, maths*, phys; L Marquis des tech, fren, gen studs, psychol; Y Matheos chem**, geog, maths, phys*; L Mather biol, chem, gen studs, geog; B May econ*, gen studs**, hist*, maths; S McCoubrey econ, hist, maths; H Molloy art, busi studs, des tech, gen studs; B Moore chem, fren, maths;

N Mounsey biol**, econ**, maths*, ; S Neal eng lit, gen studs, hist, rel studs*; A Negus chem, phys, psychol; R Newman biol*, chem*, maths*, span*; G Nicholson chem, maths, phys; M Oakeley biol*, chem*, fren**, gen studs; Q O’Connell eng lit, gen studs, ICT, mus tech; S Ogilvie biol*, chem*, maths*; M Omatsone busi studs*, hist, ICT; S Owens fren*, mus, span; J Pearman biol*, chem**, fren*; H Peirson biol**, chem**, maths**; S Peirson art**, biol*, chem*; J Penny chem, gen studs, hist, phys; J Pitts eng lit**, fren*, psychol**; S Pitts art**, fren*, hist**; S Place biol, gen studs*, hist, rel studs**; J Ramsden biol, chem, hist*; E Ramsden biol*, maths, phys; W Ranson biol, econ, gen studs, geog*;

D Reynard busi studs, hist, mus tech; J Riley econ, fren, geog; A Robinson art**, des tech, maths; C Rogers art*, chem, maths; F Rose chem*, fren*, maths; J Rowe biol, hist, psychol; N Rushby eng lit, geog, hist*; K Sabin econ*, eng lit**, psychol*; P Savage eng lit*, gen studs*, hist**, rel studs*; C Seeger eng lit**, fren*, span; J Sharkey biol, gen studs, maths, phys; R Sinclair class civil, eng lit, gen studs, hist; R Skelton biol, chem, eng lit, gen studs; F Sloss chem, maths*, span; L Smyth-Osbourne econ*, latin, maths*; K Snyman art, biol, gen studs, ICT; A Speight econ*, geog, hist*; C Stocks art**, fren*, hist; T Stone chem**, frth maths**, gen studs, maths**, phys**; J Trees eng lit**, fren, span;

K Utley biol, eng lang, gen studs, psychol; D Van der Westhuizen biol, chem*, phys; C Verity biol**, chem*, hist*; E Ward biol**, chem**, maths**; L Watkiss eng lit**, fren*, hist**, maths*; A Wells fren, geog*, psychol*; L Weston class civil, eng lit*, gen studs, hist; J Wise geog, psychol, rel studs; I Wivell biol, chem**, fren, maths; L Wong eng lit*, fren, hist*; J Woolfenden econ*, gen studs*, hist, maths*; H Worrall biol*, chem**, maths**, phys*; N Wray biol*, chem*, maths*.

Richmond School and Sixth Form College, Richmond

B Addison biol*, chem*, maths; D Alderson biol, maths, politics; K Alderson dram, politics, psychol*; M Allen politics, psychol, rel studs; R Allison econ*, eng lit*, hist**; G Ashworth germ, hist, maths; S Beadle comp, ict, med studs; T Bearpark chem, maths, frth maths; S Berry med studs, trav and tour; H Bissicks comp*, ict*, maths*; J Black biol, eng lang, psychol; M Blakemore biol, food technology, geog**; J Bower dance; D Bowler class civil, textiles, med studs; M Brend class civil, dram, eng lang; A Brown maths**, frth maths*, phys**; B Carling health and soc c, health and soc c2, psychol; K Chapman geog, trav and tour; J Clark eng lit, geog, rel studs; L Cooper dram, hist, rel studs;

J Coulton biol, maths, phys; J Craggs busi studs, food technology, geog; N Dale eng lang, health and social c, psychol*; L Dawes maths*, psychol**, rel studs; K Dawson biol, eng lang, maths; D Dickinson dram, eng lang, germ; G Donoghue eng lang, rel studs, trav and tour; J Evans hist, politics, rel studs; T Farquhar eng lang, hist, politics; J Foster psychol; E Frankland prod des, textiles, dram; A Fryatt Food technology, psychol, rel studs; A Galloway biol, psychol*, rel studs; D Galvin Busi Studs, eng lang, maths; A Glass biol, pro des, psychol; E Glendinning biol, Health and Soc c, Health and Soc c2; O Gorman biol, chem, maths; B Gurung Biol, chem, health and soc c*, maths; S Gurung eng lit, hist, rel studs*; C Hassall class civil, hist;

D Hawthorne maths*, frth maths, phys; M Henderson phys; E Herbert eng lit, health and soc c, psychol*; L Hickman hist, psychol, rel studs; K Hicks eng lang, med studs, rel studs; V Hicks class civil, dram, rel studs; J Hill eng lit, health and soc c, rel studs; A Hillman chem, maths, phys; Ben Hodgson eng lang, psychol, rel studs; Beth Hodgson class civil, dance*, psychol**; H Holden class civil, politics, rel studs; C Hopkins biol, fren, hist*; L Horsfield textiles, dram, psychol**; K Howard biol, maths, rel studs*; J Howell Psychol; H Hughes biol, prod des*, rel studs; A Hunter class civil, dram, geog; M Hunter eng lit*, hist**, politics*; A Iveson health and soc c, hist, med studs; P James prod des, ict;

H Jeffery biol, hist, sport and pe; T Jenkins biol, hist; J Jones biol, chem, maths, frth maths; L Jowett dram*, eng lit, psychol**; J Kelly hist**, psychol**, rel studs**; S Kelly eng lang, psychol, rel studs; T Kiernan class civil, prod des, hist; S Lancaster textiles, rel studs; S Lane eng lang, rel studs; T Leeks prod des, ict; J Longstaff geog*, psychol**, rel studs; S Lord class civil, dram, med studs; N Lowe eng lang*, germ*, psychol**; S Lyon med studs, psyhcol, sport and pe; K Mackenzie health and soc c, health and soc c2; R Mackenzie art and des*, biol, chem., maths; S Mackin biol, comp, psychol; S Male class civil*, hist**, politics*; S Malla busi studs, hist, rel studs; J Martin chem, maths, phys;

N Martin econ, germ, psychol; D McLachlan biol, textiles, maths; E McNamara biol**, chem.**, maths**; V McNichol biol, geog, psychol**; L Metcalfe eng lang, psychol; C Middleton prod des, eng lang, psychol; J Middleton health and soc c, tarv and tour; E Morrison eng lit, psychol, rel studs; A Moss biol*, chem, rel studs*; A Murphy busi studs, psychol, rel studs; S Naden art and des, health and soc c, health and soc c2, psychol; W Norfolk biol, chem, psychol**; J Pain class civil, hist, politics; A Paine med studs, trav and tour; E Patterson busi studs, health and soc c, trav and tour; S Piklington biol, Busi studs*, geog; K price dram, psychol, sport and pe; G Purdy Busi studs, med studs; J Quirie biol, chem, maths; G Rai ict, trav and tour;

Y Rai prod des, ict, trav and tour; J Rawlings busi studs, dram, eng lit; J Rice busi studs, ict, pscyhol; C Richardson psychol; P Richardson art and des**, eng lang, psychol; L Rigby class civil, textiles, med studs; J Rutherford hist**, maths*, politics**; E Ryder biol, eng lit, hist*; L Sammells art and des*, eng lit*, hist*; N Sedgwick biol, maths, sport and pe; K Shotton food technology, eng lit, psychol; B Simper maths**, frth maths*, phys; Abigail Simpson ict, politics, rel studs; Adam Simpson biol, geog, sport and pe; A Smithbiol*, chem., maths*; B Smith biol, psychol, rel studs; L Smith eng lit, health and soc c, health and soc c2; E Southward eng lang, health and soc c, rel studs; L Spencer eng lang, trav and tour; S Stanwix food technology, med studs;

W Stockbridge eng lit, mus, mus tech; D Swainston Maths*, frth Maths, phys; K Taylor politics, psychol, rel studs; L Taylor busi studs, ict, psychol; J Taylor-Neale prod des, med studs; S Thapa biol, chem, maths; H Thompson busi studs, prod des, psychol; R Tweddle maths**, mus, mus tech; L Wardle busi studs, med studs; F Warren busi studs, econ, geog*; R Watkins med studs*, psychol, rel studs; R Wenham food technology, eng lang, rel studs*; S Wheatley busi studs*, geog*, trav and tour*; E White eco, geog*, hist*; S Whyatt germ*, hist, maths*; C Wolstenholme geog*, ict*, politics; K Wood geog, maths, psychol*; B Wright biol, chem, maths; D Wright econ, med studs, politics; J Wright class civil, geog, sport and pe; F Zaman eng lang, health and soc c, psychol.

Pocklington School, Pocklington

N Amato busi studs, photy; P Axup busi studs, photy, pe; J Baines chem, maths, phys; R Bedford busi studs, des tech, photy; M Beharrell art, busi studs, eng lang, photy*, theat studs; J Bird biol, chem, psychol; L Bisson busi studs, ICT, maths, mus; C Boyes busi studs*, des tech**, geog; C Brash biol*, chem*, maths*; W Broadbent biol, geog*, hist; E Brown busi studs, eng lang, ICT, psychol; S Burn hist**, maths, phys; W Campbell-Burrell eng lit, mus; K Chan biol, chem, chin, psychol; A Chappelow eng lit*, germ, hist*; E Cheney busi studs*, des tech*, gov and polits; D Clough biol*, chem*, maths*; B Davis biol, eng lit, psychol; F Davis biol*, chem*, hist; N Dixon busi studs, photy;

E Doyle busi studs, ICT, psychol; S Eggleston chem, hist*, rel studs**; E Furby busi studs, fren, span; N Getsov busi studs, eng lang, hist; A Glew chem*, maths*, phys*; S Gopal fren*, lat**, maths**, frth maths**; B Graham eng lit, psychol, theat studs; E Grieve art, eng lit*, eng lang*; H Hall busi studs, ICT*, photy**; S Hall art, ICT, psychol; I Heaven photy, theat studs; F Henderson fren*, maths, mus*; R Hesmondhalgh eng lit*, maths, theat studs*; L Hessay geog*, hist, pe*; M Heywood art*, busi studs, phys; G Hobson busi studs, eng lang, ICT; A Houghton hist, photy, psychol; E Hutchinson biol, maths, psychol*; M Hutchinson fren, mus, psychol; A Kearney busi studs, eng lit, hist;

J Kerr busi studs*, maths*, phys*; J Kwok chin*, econ, maths, psychol; L Laverack fren, psychol, rel studs; C Lewis eng lang, photy, psychol; C Lin biol, chem, maths*; J Littlewood biol, maths, phys; G Lloyd biol*, chem*, phys*; E Loten chem, maths*, phys; J Male art, des tech, photy; T May biol, geog, pe; C McCabe des tech, maths, phys; F McFarlane fren, germ, lat; R Meng chem*, chin, maths**, frth maths**, phys*; G Mok biol*, chem**, maths**; D Morton busi studs, eng lang, geog; E Norgate chem*, maths**, phys; G Paver art, busi studs, photy; J Pavlou busi studs, des tech, theat studs; K Peel biol*, chem*, lat**; S Perryman des tech**, maths, phys;

I Platt art, fren, photy; A Potts Harmer eng lit, eng lang, hist; K Pratt geog**, hist**, rel studs**; A Preece fren, hist, photy**; G Rainforth eng lang, geog, hist; W Rhodes busi studs**, ICT, psychol*; H Richmond chem, psychol*, rel studs*; B Risso-Gill econ*, gov and polits, theat studs*; L Rix des tech, eng lit, psychol; H Robinson chem, maths, phys*; B Roe busi studs, maths, photy; J Rogerson art, eng lit; J Russell biol, chem, maths; S Sanderson eng lang, hist, psychol; C Schofield busi studs*, geog*, psychol; C Secker busi studs, chem, maths; H Sergeant ICT, maths*, phys; T Slater biol**, chem*, eng lit*; B Smart eng lang, hist, theat studs; J Smart hist, lat*, phys;

H Smith germ, hist, lat; M Smith biol, psychol*, rel studs*; E Stephenson biol, geog*, rel studs**; A Tait geog, photy, psychol; C Taylor chem, maths, phys; B Thompson biol*, chem*, phys*; J Thompson econ, geog, psychol; W Thomson busi studs, geog, pe; W To econ, maths, phys; B Todd art, eng lang, psychol; O Tsang busi studs, chin*, econ, maths; J Wagstaff busi studs, pe, psychol; F Weeks hist, gov and polits, theat studs; E Wilkinson biol, chem*, eng lit; A Wilton geog*, maths*, gov and polits*; P Wong chem, chin, maths, frth maths; A Woodhouse maths, phys, rel studs*; B Wu chin, maths; D Zhong chem**, chin, maths**, frth maths**, phys**.

Giggleswick School, Giggleswick

W Akin busi studs, rel studs, gov and polits; J Bayes bus studs, geog, ict; G Birley busi studs*, chem*, span*; A Boase bus studs, hist, mus; I Bowskill-Dutkiewicz busi studs, econ, eng lit; M Bulmer hist, mus, mus tech; S Caisley chem, phys, maths*; K Clarke germ, span, hist**; E Combe art, des tech, theat studs; I Dakin eng lit, geog, hist; M Davies chem, des tech, phys; E Dewhurst art*, biol, maths*; C Geipert busi studs, biol, chem, maths; I Hammond chem, des tech, phys; W Harr pe, span, theat studs; S Harrison span, hist, gov and polits; G Hedgley eng lit, pe, hist; S Hill biol, chem, germ, dutch; L Hughes busi studs, chem, germ; K I’Anson busi studs*, econ, hist;

L Ioannou eng lit, hist, theat studs*; C Jones biol, chem, maths; N Klemm busi studs, germ*, phys, maths; J Lang chem, econ, maths; D Lansdall busi studs, des tech, pe; N Leung biol**, chem**, maths**; J Li busi studs, maths**, frth maths, chin*; R Lightfoot biol, chem, maths; C Lockett biol, chem, pe; O Longbottom des tech, mus tech; R Magell biol, chem, theat studs; S Milbourn chem*, maths**, frth maths*; C Mondragon-Bayarri art*, des tech**, eng lit; B Moulson Coward busi studs, des tech, ict; K Nadyrshyna germ, maths*, frth maths, russ*; E Nuttall eng lit, rel studs, gov and polits; C Page eng lit, rel studs, theat studs*; C Pak art, des tech; T Pickles rel studs, hist, gov and polits; L Poulton art*, eng lit, theat studs*;

T Prell des tech, pe; J Raper busi studs, eng lit, pe; L Riva Gil fren; H Ross art, geog, rel studs; G Shelton bus studs, geog, ict; C Slater busi studs**, econ*, hist*; D Smith-Hanratty biol, chem, rel studs; M Spratt art, busi studs*, hist*; E Thursby biol, hist**, gov and polits*; A Turpie des tech, eng lit, theat studs*; R Wells art, chem, rel studs; T Wilkinson span; J Wong chem, econ*, maths; K Yin chem**, phys*, maths*; T Ying art, chin*; C Zhang busi studs, maths*, frth maths, chin*.

The Mount School, York

J Adewumi chem, gen studs, maths, biol; A Boddy eng lit, hist, rel studs*; E Brown chem*, gen studs, geog**, biol*; C Chan chem**, maths**, phys, biol, chin; T Chan maths, des tech, art and des**, chin; S Chen busi studs*, maths**, frth maths**, phys* chin*; S Cheung chem, maths**, biol*, chin**; E Evans sport and pe, biol, psychol*; H Gardiner hist*, maths**, rel studs**; H Goldberg eng lit, hist, art and des; A Granville chem*, geog*, biol*; A Grierson fren**, hist*, maths**; F Hj Abdul Manap chem*, maths**, biol*; P King geog**, biol, psychol; C Linder busi studs, maths, germ*; J Lush eng lit, gen studs, hist, rel studs; E McBeath busi studs, eng lit, gen studs, sport and pe; L Nuhu-Soho busi studs, maths; Lubna Nuhu-Soho chem*, maths*, phys, biol; O Olafisan psychol;

M Ong geog, maths, art and des, chin; Y Pang chem*, maths*, biol*; A Poh chem**, maths**, frth maths**, biol**; T Salami busi studs, eng lit, gen studs; E Slater geog, des tech, art and des*; C Sy chem*, maths**, biol*, chin*; F Tan chem*, maths*, phys, chin; M Taylor eng lit*, gen studs, hist**, lat*; S Taylor geog**, sport and pe, biol; S Tsang busi studs, maths**, psychol, chin**; S Wormald psychol, art and des, rel studs**; Y Ye maths**, frth maths**, phys*, chin**; J Yuan chem, maths**, frth maths*, phys*.

Harrogate Ladies’ College

F Abubakar class civil, hist, gov and polits; N Awang Sayang, phy*, maths**, frth maths*, econ**; M Axmannova hist art, germ, psychol**; E Belward geog*, hist, fren; A Bleasdale dram and theat studs, fren, psychol; X Cai hist*, maths**, chin**, econ**; Y Cao maths**, frth maths, chin*, fine art*; LY Chan hist*, maths*, econ; Yihan Chen phys, maths*, fine art; Yixin Chen maths, chin, fine art, photy; L Collinson bio, pe, psychol; P Copnall bio**, chem, home ec**; LG Fung bio, chem, maths, chin*; C Gill hist, gov and polits, econ; J Hardy class civil, hist, eng lit; S He busi studs, phy, maths, chin*; H Hj Mohd Serudin, account*, maths**, frth maths*; YY Hu account*, maths**, chin, econ*; Q Huang bio*, maths**, frth maths**; D Ji phys, maths**, chin*, econ;

J Jiang maths, chin*, econ; N Judge fine art, photy, textiles; H Kingwell bio*, chem**, maths**; B Knight fren, apld busi, psychol; YY Kum hist*, gov and polits**, chin, econ*; WY Lam account, busi studs, maths, chin; C Larner dram and theat studs, eng lit, psychol*; WS Leung apld busi*, chin, textiles; YS Leung bio, chem, maths*, chin; WS Lim bio, chem, maths*, chin; N Lim fine art, photy, textiles; W Lu phys, maths**, frth maths* chin*; YH Mak gov and polits, chin*, econ; Y Mao maths**, frth maths*, chin*, econ; C Musgrave fren, lat, rel studs*; Y Ni maths, chin*, fine art, textiles; C Nie phys*, maths**, frth maths* chin*, econ; O Obianwu hist, dram and theat studs, rel studs; FN Okonkwo geog*, busi studs*, econ; G Passerello bio**, chem*, rel studs*;

A Petrova apld busi, russ**, fine art, textiles; DKA Pg Hj Abdullah account*, maths*, psychol**, econ*; D Pospyelova bio, chem*, germ, russ**; O Robinson class civil, hist**, rel studs*; X Ruan busi studs*, maths**, chin**, psychol*; A Satarina germ, russ*, photy; K Smith hist**, eng lit*, rel studs*; K Sokolova maths, psychol, russ*, fine art; E Stanga bio, germ, rel studs; H Stride account, mus, apld busi; J Sun maths, frth maths, chin**, econ; WC Tang account, maths, chin*; A Tasker hist, fren, psychol*; L Templeton account, fine art, photy; G Thompson bio, phys, pe; O Trowell apld busi, psychol, photy; E Welch class civil, hist, gov and polits*; Y Weng maths**, frth maths**, chin*, econ; H Whiteley bio, pe*, span*; D Wu maths, frth maths, chin*, fine art;

R Wu chin, art, photy; Y Wu maths, chin*, psychol, textiles; W Yao chin, fine art; S Zhang maths, chin*, econ, fine art.

King James’s School, Knaresborough

J Addyman psychol, dram and theat studs, pa*; D Alexander hist*, sociol*, eng lang*; Z Asher busi studs, art, eng lit; H Balgue eng lang, health and soc c; O Ball busi studs, photy**, sociol; G Barker busi studs, sociol, health and soc c; N Bates gov and polits, philos, phys; W Bates photy; S Bell maths, hist, fren; M Bevan psychol; J Binks hist, psychol, eng lit; B Blackwood busi studs, pe, hist; G Boyd biol, chem, eng lit; L Bramley pe, hist, eng lang; M Brewer ict, prod des;

O Briscombe busi studs, ict, hist; K Bruce art**, fren*, eng lit**; G Burgess econ*, maths, phys; E Carnazza hist**, dram and theat studs, eng lit*; D Chadwick busi studs, art*; L Chadwick maths*, hist*, fren; S Collins psychol, eng lit, health and soc c;

B Copperthwaite biol**, chem**, germ; R Corrin pa**; C Daggett hist, eng lang*, eng lit**; A Davies pe, psychol, health and soc c; S Davies maths, prod des; R Dawson busi studs, apld sci; B Dent busi studs*, ict, eng lang; Z Dinsmore-Allen photy, pa; W Dodd maths, gen studs, geog,D Fallow biol, maths, phys; C Farrar busi studs, sociol, eng lang; R Fawcett busi studs, ict; P Fennell art, photy; A Fitzgerald art, textiles, eng lit; A Fjodorova russ, biol, chem,L Flanagan biol*, hist*, eng lit**; S Foster busi studs**, pe, psychol; O Franklin busi studs, chem; C Graham econ, gov and polits, sociol; E Greenhalgh art, textiles, fren; H Grinter sociol, eng lang; W Havercroft busi studs*, pe, eng lang;

J Hay chem, maths, phys; A Head psychol, eng lang, health and soc c; H Henry maths, fren, span; E Hines busi studs, photy**; L Hogg busi studs2, eng lang; J Holgate econ*, maths**, frth maths**; N Honey maths*, art**, phys**; E Hooper busi studs2, eng lang; A Horsburgh apld sci, health and soc c; P Hunt econ, hist, germ; R Kaiser chem*, maths**, frth maths*; D Kemp eng lit; M Kenealy photy**, span, eng lang; B Kitching hist, phys; K Kite art**, health and soc c; T Knight chem*, maths**, frth maths**; S Lain hist, psychol, eng lang; B Lee apld sci, psychol; health and soc c; J Lee med studs*, eng lang;

R Leverton hist, eng lang, health and soc c; B Lister biol, maths, eng lang; A Lovett chem*, maths**, frth maths*; A Lucking psychol, med studs, health and soc c; S Mason photy*, dram and theat studs, med studs; J McGovern busi studs*, econ, maths; C McLelland art, photy, health and soc c; T Morris maths*, geog*, hist**; G Ng ict, mus tech; R Nicholson econ*, maths, hist; A Noctor biol, apld sci, geog; B Nolan photy; N Norcliffe photy**, health and soc c;

A Norman biol, geog*, eng lit; G Parkinson busi studs, geog, eng lang; J Pedder geog, eng lang, eng lit; J Pogson maths, mus tech, phys; B Prudames pe, eng lang, health and soc c; E Pybus art**, textiles*, med studs; S Rai art, photy*, health and soc c; J Revill geog, hist, eng lit; C Robertson gov and polits, eng lang, eng lit; J Routledge span, eng lang; L Sadler art**, fren*, eng lit*; D Saynor maths; J Schofield maths, frth maths, hist; E Sharkey philos, med studs;

J Shields mus tech, philos, mus; B Shoesmith ict; T Shoesmith geog; J Smith prod des; M Smith sociol, eng lang, health and soc c; A Spence maths, eng lang, eng lit; R Spink hist, textiles, eng lang; S Spruce maths, art**, mus; H Steele chem, maths, phys; S Stockdale econ*, maths, eng lit; J Strawson art; E Sweet pe, photy**, psychol; R Swiers hist, psychol**, eng lang**; M Sword biol, chem, psychol; A Taylor chem, econ, geog; C Taylor biol**, chem**, maths*; A Taylor-Munt art**, philos, textiles;

B Thompson biol, econ, maths; E Thompson biol, chem, hist; S Thompson hist, sociol, health and soc c; J Thornton art**, textiles; M Turnbull chem, maths, phys; A Turrill art**, photy**, eng lit; L Walker ict, hist, prod des; B Watts busi studs, econ, prod des;

D Webster chem*, maths*, phys*; T Welsby mus tech, fren; J Whitehead biol, chem, art**; J Wick apld sci, health and soc c, PA* ; J Wilson econ, mus; A Wood pa* ; B Wood ict, med studs, eng lang; L Woodlands-Mooney psychol, dram and theat studs, eng lit*; AJ Wright art**, textiles, med studs; A G Wright hist, psychol, sociol; A Wrigley busi studs, apld sci, gen studs; W Young hist, gov and polits; S Youngson pa;



Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*);

Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks (**).

accounting –account; ancient history –anc history; applied art and design –apld art and des; applied art and design (dble award) –apld art and des2; applied business –apld busi; applied business (dble award) –apld busi2; applied icT –apld ict; applied icT (dble award) – apld ict2; applied performing arts –apld perform arts; applied science –apld sci; arabic – arab; archeology – arc; art –art; art and Design –art and des; Bengali –beng; Biology –biol; Biology and human Biology –biol and hum biol; Business studies –busi studs; chemistry –chem; chinese –chin; classical civilisation –class civil; communication studies –com studs; computing – comp; critical Thinking –crit think;

Dance – dance; Design and Technology –des tech; Drama and theatre studies –dram and theat studs; economics – econ; economics and business studies – econ and busi studs; electronics – elect; english lang –eng lang; english lang and lit –eng lang and lit; english lit –eng lit; environmental science –environ sci; film studies –film; fine art –fine art; french – fren; furthermaths –frth maths; general studies – gen studs; geography – geog; geology – geol; german –germ; government and politics –gov and polits; graphics communication –graphic com; gujerati –guj; health and social care –health and soc c; health and social care (dble award) – health and soc c2; human biology –hum biol; history –hist; history of art –hist art; home ec –home ec; ict - ict; latin –lat; law –law; leisure studies –leis studs; leisure studies (dble award) –leis studs2; maths –maths; maths (further additional) – FAmaths

media studies –med studs; music –mus; music technology –mus tech; panjabi –panj; performance studies –perf studs; performing arts –perf arts; philosophy –philos; pe –pe; photography –photy; physics –phys; product Design –prod des; psychology –psychol; Religious studies –rel studs; Russian –russ; science –sci; sociology –sociol; spanish –span; sport and physical education –sport and pe; statistics –stats; Textiles –textiles; Theatre studies –theat studs; Travel and Tourism – trav and tour; Travel and Tourism (dble award) –trav and tour2; Urdu - Urdu