'Our students are not snowflakes': Leeds Trinity University lecturer responds to capital letters row

A Leeds Trinity University lecturer has hit out at the news reports about a supposed 'ban' on staff using capital letters in communication with students.

Leeds Trinity University
Leeds Trinity University

On Monday several news outlets reported that Leeds Trinity University's journalism department had 'banned' staff from writing in CAPITALS.That lead to criticism on social media with the likes of Piers Morgan taking aim at 'snowflakes' students.

But the university has clarified that it hasn't banned capital letters.

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In the original memo sent to staff , it asks lecturers to “generally, avoid using capital letters for emphasis” and to “avoid a tone that stresses the difficulty or the high-stakes nature of the task.”

Rebecca Whittington, a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University's Journalism department, said on her personal blog today: "Our students are not ‘snowflakes’ – that’s a derogatory term which shuts conversation down and fails to give credit or respect to the voices of young people.

"It’s a bullish label which belongs in the playground and minimises reasoned debate.

"Our students are bright, intelligent, interesting people who know a hack from a handsaw.

"While flimsy journalism might manage to get some sparks out of these already dying embers, they crack on with the real job at hand; getting a degree and making the most of every exciting opportunity given to them."