Parents' anger as pupils at Yorkshire school sent home on first day of term over uniform row

Angry parents have hit out at a school in Yorkshire after large numbers of youngsters were either sent home or put into isolation over their uniform on the first day back.

St Wilfrid's in Featherstone, West Yorkshire
St Wilfrid's in Featherstone, West Yorkshire

Teachers are reported to have been waiting at the gates of St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School in Featherstone to inspect students’ attire.

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And it has been reported that many girls were stopped because they were not wearing the right trousers.

One mother told the Express: “There’s uproar and everybody is livid, there are arguments going off everywhere.

“I was there and I saw tens and tens of kids either walking home or waiting for a bus, and I don’t know how many are in isolation.

“There’s been parents who have had to come out of work to get their children.

“Some of the children are not even getting onto the premises, there’s teachers at the gate just saying ‘home’.”

An email had been sent out by the school on Monday to parents apologising for delays in stock arriving at the school’s uniform shop.

What the school said in response

A spokesman for St Wilfrid's said: "Changes to the school uniform, for September 2018, were agreed following a parental/school consultation in January and February 2018.

"Full details of the uniform for September 2018, including details of where uniform can be purchased has been shared with parents every week in the school newsletter since March 2018 and students were informed regularly in school.

"St Wilfrid's has a long and proud tradition of high standards and expectations, including those for uniform.

"We would like to thank the vast majority of students and their families for supporting school and wearing the correct uniform."

Parents share their school uniform woes - have you been affected?

Lots of comments were posted on our social media pages responding to this article.

Rachael Grindle said: "My twin boys have just gone up to St.Wilfred's, it states no skinny jeans/trainers. You can buy trousers from George and the shirts and blazers they did 10 percent off so only ended up paying 22 pound. My boys haven't been sent home because we went by the rules and they have given parents plenty of notice. I do think there should be something in place to help the less fortunate if needs be."

Hayley Joy said: "It was alot cheaper in our day when you bought the school badges to sew on the uniform from the shops parents could afford."

Michael Thornton added: "If schools sold the uniforms and shoes at the school at same price as asda and Tesco every child would have the right uniform and there would no problems."

Martin Hackett said: "All my kids went to this school and it's a first class school. Some parents either don't read the letters or can't read the letters explaining dress code."

Pam Moody: "Two of my grandchildren go to St. Wilf's, and have never had that problem!"

Vid Tka: "So if I child comes wearing wrong uniform or shoes, he/she is sent home. But when child wakes up with fever, cough and headache, he/she needs to be fed with paracetamol and sent to school. LOL"