Primary pupils enlisted to help make puberty film

Sick of outdated resources to explain puberty, school nurse Anne Mulligan enlisted pupils to make a new one. Catherine Scott reports.

Schools nurses Anne Mulligan enlisted school children to helps make a film about puberty starring her own daughter

Pupils at a Yorkshire primary school have been enlisted to help create a new film to explain the changes during puberty.The Doncaster School Nursing Team at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) enlisted the support of students at Norton Junior School in Doncaster to help with the research for the production of brand new educational resources in the form of a short film called Puberty, Changes to your Amazing Body and matching workbook.

Community health

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Anne Mulligan, specialist community public health nurse at RDaSH, came up with the idea for the new resources,“As part of our role as school nurses we give puberty awareness education sessions to children in Years 5 and 6,” explains Anne.“I noticed both locally and nationally that the resources on this subject were dated and not engaging enough for today’s school kids and I wanted to do something about it.“The making of an educational video and workbook on this topic has been an ambition of mine which has now been achieved through the collaboration between my colleagues, the school, RDaSH, family and friends.”Anne approached the head teacher at Norton Junior School where she delivers the puberty awareness sessions to seek the help of the students and to the use the school as the set for the film. Applying her own script-writing skills and film-directing knowledge, Anne chose the cast for the new film using the local acting talents of her colleagues’ children and her own daughter, Libby Mulligan, who is an actress and her actor boyfriend Philip Walker.

Red carpet Premiere

The film will have its premiere to an invited audience, including all those who took part, on Friday May 10 at 4pm at St Catherine’s House on Woodfield Park, Tickhill Road Site, Balby.“We wanted to thank everyone involved in the production of these new products and have arranged a special premiere of the film on May 10 with red carpet and popcorn. “It’s set to be a great event,” says Anne.The film and workbook were made by RDaSH’s video and graphical design team.