Training device helps students sustain ‘high state of coherence’ for exams

THE END of the summer term can be the most stressful time for students as they prepare to sit their exams.

But now one undergraduate is hoping to offer a hi-tech solution to eliminate the anxiety.

Using a biofeedback training device, Leeds Metropolitan University psychology masters student Richard Jenkinson is looking to be able to teach people to stay calm and sustain a “high state of coherence.”

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The device measures a person’s pulse and heart rate and allows someone to see their own level of coherence. The more anxious they are the less coherent they will be.

Mr Jenkinson said: “Once the user has activated the optimum, low anxiety state, the biofeedback device will show a green light.

The students receiving the training should to a certain extent be able to maintain it and put the techniques into practice in real life. Anxiety is a pervasive problem that’s been suggested to affect one in three students to the level that it negatively impacts academic performance.” He is now looking for students to take part in a research project

He added: “I will conduct my research with three groups: the first will learn the technique and will use the biofeedback device simultaneously the second group will learn the technique but won’t receive biofeedback and the third group will act as a control group and will not learn the technique or receive biofeedback.”