Yorkshire students' chance to hold a piece of history

Bradford Grammar School pupil Nick Miller, of Brighouse, with the coveted'Moon rocks
Bradford Grammar School pupil Nick Miller, of Brighouse, with the coveted'Moon rocks
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Lunar rocks, hewn from the moon in Apollo space missions, have been taken on a tour of schools in parts of Yorkshire to celebrate 50 years since the moon landings.

The project, run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), sees NASA moon rock discs and meteorites loaned to schools, museums and outreach organisers.

Bradford Grammar School (BGS) was chosen to host the rocks, with teachers taking them to local primaries to share their stories and inspiration.

“As well as commemorating the first humans to stand on another astronomical body, the rock samples were of tremendous scientific importance, helping astronomers to understand the long-standing mystery of how the moon and the Earth formed,” said physics and astrology teacher at BGS, Julian King.

“It’s fantastic that our staff, parents and pupils had the chance to hold these rocks and also that so many more school children in Yorkshire saw them.”

The STFC’s executive chairman, Professor Mark Thomson, added: “We’re thrilled to be able to offer this unique opportunity to young people.”

Visits to Yorkshire schools

The rocks were taken to Baildon Church of England School, Eldwick Primary School, Menston Primary School and Tranmere Park Primary, in Guiseley.

Rachel Sharp, Eldwick Primary School’s headteacher, said:” It was fantastic to witness the children having a once in a life time experience.

“They thoroughly enjoyed holding such priceless astronomical treasures which has inspired their curiosity and learning.”

Dr Simon Hinchliffe, headmaster at BGS, added: “We’re so privileged to have had these rocks in school, especially in this celebratory year of the moon landing. The children have loved hearing about the moon mission and seeing firsthand a piece of history.

“It will be something for them to tell their children one day.”