British astronaut Tim Peake with the Russian Soyuz capsule which carried him and his crew to and from the International Space Station. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Media museum’s ambition to take on the world

A major new £1.8m gallery aims to bring more than 20 new exhibits to Bradford, including the UK’s first permanent ‘Time Twister’ screen, which creates images separating visitors’ heads from their body. There will be a waterfall which appears to hover in mid-air, a 6ft sphere with animations of the sun and earth, self-portrait photos timed to the exact moment a water drop splashes, and a musical laser tunnel designed by Bradford-based artists Steve Manthorp and Shanaz Gulzar. It will also feature live, interactive shows in the new 70-capacity theatre.

Bradford University is hosting the first World Technology Universities Congress this week.

Professor Brian Cantor: Harnessing power of our universities

THE challenges facing the world are complex. Solutions are required urgently. Ill-health, poverty, climate change, energy and water supply, food security, industrial development, conflict, migration and terrorism: the 21st century’s problems are difficult and threatening to us all.


Hakim Yadi: Right medicine for economy after Brexit

FOLLOWING the referendum vote for Brexit we cannot afford to sit back in shock. Instead we must unite across the country, working together to strengthen the UK’s global position, and fundamental to that is addressing economic issues in the North.

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