LiveCoronavirus in UK live blog: testing rolled out to over 65s, workers required to leave home and asymptomatic care home residents

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Robin Barclay, cleaning contractor, poses on a street in Glasgow (Photo: ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Coronavirus live blog, April 28

Last updated: Thursday, 01 January, 1970, 01:00

'Fluid resistant' gowns to arrive from Cambodia today

A chartered flight carrying nearly a quarter of a million ‘fluid resistant’ gowns is expected to arrive at Cardiff Airport from Cambodia today.

The flight is the first of two due to arrive this week to replenish supplies for NHS and social care staff in Wales, and carries a cargo of 200,000 gowns.

In total, 660,000 gowns will be flown in on flights from Phnom Penh in Cambodia and Hangzhou in China, the Welsh Government said.

The supplies come days after Wales' health minister Vaughan Gething said fluid resistant gowns and masks were the items of personal protective equipment (PPE) under the highest demand.

Easing of lockdown measures a 'matter of who's in your population'

The co-chair of the Hong Kong government's Sars inquiry has told BBC Breakfast of the need to review lockdown measures on a country-by-country basis, as the demographical make-up of nations means no two can be compared.

“Italy like the UK has a large number of elderly people,” said Professor Sian Griffiths.

“It's about geography, it's about economy, it's about public attitude, it's about culture, it's about politics, it's a combination of all of those things led by the science.”

Once the disease isn't spreading as much in the community, Professor Griffiths said then government can "start to do things like open schools, open garden centres, open shops.

"It's not going to be going back to normal... it's phased, and monitored, and should we see signs of new infection coming along then we can change again."

NHS must 'get going again' on cancer treatments

A cancer specialist and dean at the University of Buckingham medical school has told BBC Breakfast the health service has to "get going again" on cancer treatments to avoid a "catastrophe".

Professor Karol Sikora said the NHS has done “fantastically well with Covid”, but must now “come out of Covid mode, maintaining it, because we don't quite know what's going to happen.”

“But let's get started on two things that are critical: cancer services and heart services. Those are the two key things we have to deal with urgently.”

Professor Sikora said the the problem for cancer is going to be “bottlenecks”, adding: "The whole of April's new patients are going to meet May's new patients... and all those people are going to need chemotherapy, radiotherapy, other management downstream - and that's where logistic problems will come.

"We've got to get going again to avoid a catastrophe in a year or two's time when patients will suffer poor outcomes from their cancer because of delays."

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