Anti-vax protestor visited police HQ to report Covid vaccine as 'attempted murder'

An anti-vax protestor turned up at the headquarters of a police force to report the Covid vaccine as “attempted murder”.

Chief Superintendent Steve Graham, of West Midlands Police, gave an account of the bizarre incident at a council meeting this week to a humorous response.

West Midlands Police have said the man who made the complaint was told by officers “what he said did not constitute a crime”.

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It happened during anti-vaccine protests last weekend.

A coronavirus vaccine being administered

Addressing the local Covid outbreak engagement board earlier this week (Oct 6), Chf Supt Graham said: “We had the latest anti-vaccination protest in Birmingham city centre at the weekend.

“So much so that we had a deputation who tried to attend Lloyd House to report attempted murder with the Covid vaccine being cited as the cause of death. Yes chair – you can laugh.”

Chair and city council leader Coun Ian Ward could be seen shaking his head and smiling during the account in the online meeting.

Chf Supt Graham went on to offer support from the police to NHS Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) deputy chief executive Karen Helliwell for the continuing roll-out of the vaccine.

Ms Helliwell said: “It’s really nice to get that support for the staff as well in terms of some quite challenging situations. We certainly had some right at the start of the programme going back in time and certainly we have put in very strict protocols now about supporting staff and security if they need it.

“I am not aware over the last week if we have had any particular issues but we have certainly learned over the last year-and-a-half in terms of making sure we are prepared.”

The meeting heard the booster programme has now started across all areas covered by the CCG.

Another element now launched is the vaccination of 12 to 15-year-olds with a roll-out by community teams.

Ms Helliwell said: “Two very important areas that have started over the last month.”

Reports of serious side effects from the Covid vaccines – such as heart inflammation, allergic reactions and blood clotting – are very rare, the NHS has stated.

A West Midlands spokesperson said: “A group were at the public contact office, Lloyd House on Saturday afternoon (October 2) and a man did want to report the Covid vaccine as attempted murder, citing it was being given to children against their will.

“He had a conversation with officers where they discussed that while he was entitled to his opinion, what he had said did not constitute a crime. He left shortly after.”