Which parts of Yorkshire have the longest and shortest waiting times for hospital treatment?

Hull tops the list for the longest treatment waiting times in Yorkshire, averaging 25 weeks, followed by East Riding of Yorkshire, at 21 weeks.

Waiting lists have doubled in the region since February

While waiting times have increased across the region, some areas are seeing a more acute problem, analysis of official figures by The Yorkshire Post has shown. East Yorkshire and Hull clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) also had the most people waiting more than a year for treatment, with 2,208 people still on the waiting list after a year in Hull and 1,752 in East Riding.

North Yorkshire was in third place with 1,043 people still on the waiting list after a year, almost half for trauma and orthopaedics.

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At the other end of the scale, the CCGs with the fewest people waiting more than a year were Bassetlaw, with 59, and Barnsley, with 80, according to NHS data for August.

The problem is so severe in Hull that the area had more than a fifth of the people in Yorkshire who were waiting longer than a year for treatment.

In addition, people waited an average of 37 weeks for ear, nose and throat treatment in Hull, the longest wait for any kind of treatment anywhere in Yorkshire.

In a joint statement, Hull and East Riding CCGs said: “Both Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Groups are working closely with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, putting into action recovery plans to increase the number of patients seen and treated and improve waiting times. These plans include patient telephone and video consultations, a new referral assessment service and an increased number of specialties offering advice and guidance.

“Hospitals in our region have written to all patients who are waiting to apologise for any delays while they are working to see everyone who requires treatment or a consultation.”

North Yorkshire CCG said there was a “phased recovery” under way across the NHS.