How to feel better: fitness routines for the over 55s

Do you want to boost your wellbeing, fitness and mobility as you get older and have you got ten minutes to spare?

Join in these free, fitness routines for older people to improve your physical health and wellbeing.

Building physical activity into each day can be a challenge but regular short spells of moving and stretching improve our ability to enjoy life for longer.

With so many fitness resources available, it can be mind-boggling to find one that works for you and suits your abilities and lifestyle.

That’s why 10 Today has been devised – a series of 10-minute physical activity routines that you can do at home, as and when it suits you with no need for special clothing or any equipment. The routines can be followed online, on the radio and on Amazon Alexa.

Boost your balance, strength and flexibility with our fun, free 10-minute fitness routines designed by and for older people.

They’re absolutely free, designed by and for older people, and supported with sponsorship from Sport England.

Why do I need to move more ?

Joanne Ainley, 10 Today Project Co-ordinator, said: “It’s no secret that physical activity improves health and wellbeing but it’s vital to find something you enjoy and find achievable.

“Being able to move and stretch at home for just ten minutes is a big appeal of 10 Today and we know it has a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people.”

Will it work for me?

There are many barriers to taking part in physical exercise – you might be afraid or worried, living with a health condition, dislike the idea of exercise or feel it’s too late to start.

But this is all about moving at your own pace to improve “functional fitness” – helping boost your balance, flexibility and strength to do everyday tasks such as reaching, rising, turning and bending.

Doing 10 Today can also help your wellbeing by improving mood, energy levels and mobility.

Billie (65) uses the programme and said: “I hate exercise BUT 10 Today I do!!! I know I can do 10 minutes so I get up and do it and feel so much better for it.”

Expertly guided by fitness instructor Terry Keen, 75,who specialises in physical activity for older people, the sessions are fun and adaptable to different fitness levels. They can be followed at your own pace either standing up or sitting down.

Do I have to pay or sign up?

You don’t have to subscribe, pay or sign up, you can do 10 Today at any time, and it’s free. And the new series 2 subtitles are now being translated into Urdu, Punjabi and Polish, which will be available in November.

Around 55 0,000 people have already enjoyed the sessions. People like Kathy who said: “Just what I needed as a 66-year-old who hasn’t visited a gym in her life - easy exercises I can do in my own home. No stress and age appropriate without being condescending. Thank you so much.”

Doing 10 Today just three times a week can improve your physical health and wellbeing and help you to keep doing the things you want to do.

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