'I can't give up on my wife, please help me continue our battle'... Desperate Yorkshire family's plea as mum battles cancer

THE husband of Yorkshire woman Sally Major - who is undergoing potentially life saving cancer treatment in Germany - has made a fresh appeal for donations and said "I can't give up on my wife" after revealing the cancer has progressed.

Sally Major and her family.
Sally Major and her family.

Liam Major wrote on Facebook last night (Frid March 24): "I really am feeling horrific asking for more funds but please, I can't give up on my wife, please help me continue our battle, we’ve got this far."

Mr Major made a desperate plea last weekend, saying that his family needed to find at least 10,000 euros if his wife was to continue receiving cutting edge immunotherapy in Germany.

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Around £30,000 was donated this week via the YouCaring crowdfunding website by people moved by their plight.

Mrs Major was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in May 2015.

The 33-year-old had been warned by doctors in the UK that the disease was incurable, but she was determined to undergo the immunotherapy treatment.

Her family remortgaged their home in Silsden, near Keighley, and sold their car to help pay for the treatment at the Hallwang Clinic, near Stuttgart. It uses medication which can reset the immune system to attack cancerous cells, but the drugs are not available through the NHS.

Mr Major wrote on Facebook page 'So, Sally Can Wait,' yesterday: "Firstly, an absolutely infinite, heartfelt thanks to everybody, from far and wide, strangers aplenty, for the momentous fundraising push over the last week. How positive and touched we feel about this is indescribable. Thank you all.

"Unfortunately despite this it's far from a good evening. Sorry for the late update but we were waiting on scan results from today. Despite the initial tumour markers and blood results looking promising, Sally’s cancer has progressed. Liver, lung and lymph node tumours have grown, one lymph node has started to cause issues with nerves affecting Sally’s left leg which is not helping with mobility.

"One good, very good result is that today's brain MRI shows nothing abnormal, no tumours and the CT confirms there is no further spread to other parts of the body/organs.

"Anyhow, so, once again we’ve been knocked down, we’ve cried, stressed and worried. The absolute legend that is my wife has now, only hours after getting the news, already got back on the battleship and recruited reinforcements (with the help of the Hallwang oncologist). Sally’s treatment regimen will change and luckily we still have a variety of immunotherapies specific to Sally’s tumour DNA and various cocktails to go at, we will not be defeated. I won’t lie, it’s hard, very hard, we all feel it but we have one option and one aim and will not give in until every stone is unturned.

"The oncologist is still very optimistic, and has ordered the new drugs to commence on Monday. We also have the dendritic cell vaccines to go at which should start to work over the next month or so. We are also possibly going for TACE treatment on Sally’s liver, the main issue at the moment which has very promising results."

"Unfortunately all of this comes at more cost and means a lengthier, more costly stay. I really am feeling horrific asking for more funds but please, I cant give up on my wife, please help me continue our battle, we’ve got this far.

"Battered and bruised but not defeated, onwards and upwards.

"Thank you all for your support and I look forward to giving you the good news very soon.

"All our love Liam, Sally, Ryan, Adam, Maisy & George - and all of our family & friends xx"