NHS in crisis: Key statistics from Hospital Inspections report

Hospital trusts across the nation have faced stringent new inspections by the health watchdog.

NHS report findings.
NHS report findings.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) report, The State of Care in NHS Acute Hospitals, provides information on inspections of England's 136 acute non-specialist trusts and all 18 specialist trusts.

Trusts, hospitals and services are rated as outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.

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They are given overall ratings, ratings for key questions asked by health inspectors, such as whether they are safe, responsive or caring, and ratings for specific services such as emergency units or maternity care.

Here are some key statistics from the CQC's report.

* 12 of 136 (9%) acute hospital trusts were rated as inadequate

* 59%, or 80, acute hospital trusts were told they require improvement

* A third were deemed to be good or outstanding

* 37 trusts have been re-inspected since they were first rated - 13 have improved their overall rating and four have seen a deterioration

* 28 acute trusts have entered special measures since July 2013, and 15 have since exited

* Inspectors said safety of hospitals "remains our biggest concern", with four out of five trusts needing to improve - 81% of the 136 trusts were either inadequate or required improvement for safety

* None received an outstanding rating for safety

* No trust was deemed to be failing in terms of how caring it was to patients

* Of the 1,649 core services inspected across NHS acute trusts, 81 (5%) were rated inadequate and 620 (38%) required improvement

* Broken down by service, 7% of urgent and emergency services were rated inadequate

* One in 20 medical wards were deemed to be inadequate and 51% required improvement

* 4% of surgery units needed to make improvements after being rated inadequate, along with 4% of maternity and gynaecology services, 3% of critical care units and 3% of children and young people's services

* 4% of trusts were rated inadequate for end-of-life care. In terms of how caring staff were, 85% were rated good, and 11% were rated outstanding

* Five specialist trusts were rated as outstanding and eight were good

* Safety was "a concern" in more than half of specialist trusts, with 53% requiring improvement

* In the last four years, the number of so-called "never events", such as wrong site surgery, has ranged from 290 to 359