People with minor illnesses who turn up to A&E in Hull are being 'redirected' elsewhere

The Hull NHS trust is introducing 'patient streaming'
The Hull NHS trust is introducing 'patient streaming'
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Hospital bosses have introduced a new system to try and ease the pressure on Hull's accident and emergency department.

The Hull NHS trust has introduced “patient streaming” to try and ease pressure on the department and prioritise those in need of emergency care.

People are being met by a senior nurse within 15 minutes, who will decide the “most appropriate” place for them to be treated, which could be in the hospital or in the community.

Others may be given future appointments to see their own GPs if their conditions are not serious.

According to figures earlier this year the trust was the worst at meeting the four hour waiting time target in the region and 12th worst in the UK.

Chief Operating Officer Teresa Cope said: “We’ve been asking people for years to keep our Emergency Department for ‘serious stuff’.

“However, around 46 per cent of people who come to our Emergency Department could have gone to other services.”

It is part of the trust's plan to improve emergency care as well as prepare for the seasonal increase in admissions because of flu and respiratory conditions or major trauma linked to accidents caused by bad weather.

An extra 22 bed ward opened at the end of October and 12 extra assessment beds will also be introduced at Hull Royal Infirmary before Christmas to help cope with the winter influx.