'Totally disgusted, stop putting our Advanced Nurse Practitioners down' - readers react to controversial YP letter

Readers have pounced on a letter in the Yorkshire Post which they say put down our hard working nurses.

The letter, entitled 'Patients should accept no substitute for a fully trained doctor' bu Duncan Long, sparked furious debate online.

In it, Mr Long said: "Most patients have never heard of an ‘ANP’ which stands for Advanced Nurse Practitioner. In an attempt to prop up the lack of qualified and experienced doctors, nurses are being given enhanced roles, titles and salaries which allow them to prescribe and diagnose without necessarily having the qualifications, training, skill or experience to do so safely."

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Emma Louise Bass said: "To become a nurse prescriber you actually have to do an intensive module of study that is far far more taxing than the prescribing element of study involved in a medical degree."

Lynn Hearsey said: "This gentleman needs to get his facts correct! Firstly, a nurse needs to have experience before they can apply for a Nurse Practitioner role. They will then be a Trainee Practitioner. Whilst doing this training they have to undergo further courses."

Marianne Smith: "Let’s not put our nurses and pharmacists down! The knowledge some have is on par and sometimes above that of a doctor!"

Emma Whitby: "What a load of rubbish.. Nurse practitioners are highly trained, nurses cannot prescribe medication without the no- medical prescribing qualification"

Rebecca Hope: "Advanced nurse practitioners are qualified degree-level nurses doing extra training, often in their own time."

Sara Hinch: "Advanced nurse practitioners are all registered nurses with extensive experience in their specialism.

"They go on to undertake further training at Masters level which involves high level practical and academic learning. If I had a choice between ANP and a registrar level doctor, I’d choose ANP every time as they’ll have much more experience in their specialism."

Paula Murphy: "Shame patients have no understanding of the intense training and exams we have to endure, especially after many years of experience. At least 32 years nursing experiencein my case and then studying at Masters level. They should come to talk to us."

Karen Ibbotson: "These professional people are, and have been, doing this job for many years. They are supporting our struggling GPs, whom are flat out trying to cope. "

Ellie Shepherd: "If only there was money for ANP training, we would be able to increase numbers and replace the gaps left by doctors who retire."

Amy Dailey: "Totally disgusted by this letter."

Jonny Allan: "What an absolute load of rubbish! ANPs are saving general practice! Who knows what we would do without them with the pot of GPs getting smaller, alongside the fact that the uptake of people training to become GPs is low!"

Andrew Haigh: "This is not a story. It is a reader’s letter and is, therefore, that reader’s opinion. The best way to deal with it is to write a letter yourself that may get published."

Mike McPeake: "What an ill informed and unhelpful point of view."

Judy Scott Langley said: "We are educated to Masters level. Thanks."

David Morby: "I see a specialist nurse regularly and no issues with her at all, excellent."

Cynthia Raymont Hall: "Total rubbish. ANPs are highly trained. They do an excellent job. This is just scaremongering."

Kirsty Armstrong: "Agree. Many patients do not appreciate the extensive training we have been delighted to do."