'We are so very proud': Yorkshire teen saved SIX lives with organs after tragic Meningitis death

The parents of a Yorkshire teenager who died after contracting Meningitis have spoken of their pride after he saved six lives through organ donation.

-> This is how many people are waiting for an organ transplant right now in LeedsLewis Hilton, 19, was fit and healthy before being struck down by the deadly infection in January 2018.

The condition of the teenager, from Halifax, rapidly deteriorated and by the time he arrived at the hospital near his home on January 26, he was unable to walk by himself or communicate.

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Despite the best efforts of medics who "did everything they could," the infection overwhelmed Lewis' body. He died just two days later.

Lewis Hilton saved six lives with his organ donation

Now, fresh details have emerged about the six people he saved, after his grieving parents Tracy and Morley donated his organs.

His mum, Tracy Hilton, said: "We are so very proud of him every day and as Morley has said organ donation, as well as helping to give other people a chance at a longer and healthier life, has helped us in some way to try and make sense of the senseless."

Among those saved by Lewis was a young lady in her 20s who received a kidney - and man in his 50s who received a kidney and pancreas.

A woman in her 50s received part of Lewis’ liver, while a baby boy only a few months old also received part of Lewis’ liver.

A man in his 50s also received a lifesaving heart transplant and a woman in her 30s received a double lung transplant through the incredible donation.

-> This is the incredible moment a brave Yorkshire child waiting for a heart donation met her hero Lewis Capaldi backstageJust days before his death, Lewis had told his mother he wanted to be put on the organ donation register while applying for a replacement driving licence.

Tracy explained the donation process following Lewis' tragic death.

She said: "The consultant and nurses were emotional while informing us Lewis’ condition was very serious and I don’t really think I can remember much of the conversation after that.

"They took him for a scan and when they brought him back, they took us back into the relatives room and told us that the swelling of his brain was so bad that there was nothing they could do… we’d lost him.

“At the time we didn’t realise that one of the nurses in the room was a transplant co-ordinator, but we initiated the conversation about donation as we knew it would be what Lewis would want.

"It would also give us some comfort that this horrible disease hadn’t just taken our beautiful boy for no reason."

Tracy said Lewis had helped six people and their families to hopefully "not have to go through the loss" they suffer "every day".

She added: “Morley says that this must have been Lewis’ purpose, as he was such a kind, caring and loving person who touched so many people’s lives.

"We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, kindness and support from everyone, friends, family, Old Rishworthian’s rugby club since losing Lewis.

"To date £29,396 has been raised for Meningitis Now through Lewis’ Forever Fund by all these wonderful people.

"We will continue to help to raise awareness in Lewis’ name.

“When Lewis started with flu symptoms it never crossed our minds it could be meningitis, because we knew he’d had the vaccination for the ACWY strains.

"What we didn’t know was that there are other strains of meningitis and that we could have paid for Lewis to have the MenB vaccination.

"We continue to let as many people as possible know so they can make sure their children are protected.”

This week is Organ Donation Week - a week of activity to shine a light on the generosity of donors and the incredible impact they have on transplant recipients, and an opportunity to educate, inform and inspire people, to help save and improve more lives.

Anyone who wishes to be an organ donor can register online here.

Morley and Tracy are highlighting the need for young people starting college and university to get their Meningitis vaccinations - including Meningitis B - which they can pay for at Boots and other chemists.

The incredible fundraising efforts of the family have raised almost £30,000 in less than 18 months.

To donate to the fund or view the site, click here.

For more information, visit Meningitis Now here.