Woman 'unable to bear sunlight' after laser eye surgery at Yorkshire hospital awarded settlement

A woman whose laser eye surgery at a Hull hospital left her “unable to bear sunlight” has been awarded damages from the NHS Trust.

Joanne Hartley has blurred vision and headaches after the surgery
Joanne Hartley has blurred vision and headaches after the surgery

Joanne Hartley, 53, of Wawne, East Yorkshire was referred for surgery as she had ‘narrow angles’ in her eyes – a common condition in which fluids don’t drain normally from the eye.

But following the surgery at Hull Royal Infirmary in March 2016, she said she knew it had gone wrong immediately after experiencing blurred vision and headaches.

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The surgery left Ms Hartley light-sensitive meaning she can no longer drive in the dark as she is dazzled by oncoming headlights, and has to wear sunglasses to use her phone or while for watching television.

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust admitted the procedure had been substandard and performed in the wrong place. It also admitted the surgery on Mrs Hartley’s left eye

had not been to standard, leading to it having to be performed again.

She was awarded an undisclosed sum of damages from the NHS Trust after being supported by Hudgell Solicitors in bringing forward legal action.

Ms Hartley said: “I used to think my eyes were my best feature but now I live my life behind the wraparound glasses. I just feel angry that it happened. In my view the woman who did this to me should never have had a laser in her hand.”

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “We would like to reiterate our apology to Ms Hartley. The trust has admitted a breach of its duty of care in this case and we are pleased to have reached a settlement.”