Advice for visiting Yorkshire from the people of God’s Own Country

From ‘try the Yorkshire puddings’ to ‘learn the lingo’, Yorkshire residents have passed on their advice to tourists visiting Yorkshire for the first time.

The Leeds Dragon Boat Race on Waterloo Lake at Roundhay Park. (Pic credit: James Hardisty)
The Leeds Dragon Boat Race on Waterloo Lake at Roundhay Park. (Pic credit: James Hardisty)

Yorkshire has long been a hotspot destination for visitors all over the world and tourism is worth £9 billion a year to Yorkshire’s economy.

Yorkshire’s popularity is no surprise given the number of attractions across the region including Yorkshire Wildlife Park, York Minster, Scarborough Cliff Railway, RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Fountains Abbey, Lotherton Hall & Gardens, Castle Howard, Harewood House Trust, Whitby Abbey and Clifford’s Tower.

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Are you visiting the region for the first time? We’ve asked Yorkshire locals what one piece of advice they would give to tourists visiting Yorkshire.

1. “A sense of humour wouldn’t go amiss. Enjoy the beautiful countryside and especially the dry stone walling.” - Dorothy Slater

2. “Take a camera. It’s beautiful.” - Mandy Beaumont

3. “‘Ear all, see all and say nowt!” - Peter Lord

4. “Go with your heart and eyes wide open, [it’s] the best way to experience God’s Own.” - Sharon Hope

5. “Enjoy the landscape, history, food, crafts, and soak up the whole atmosphere. Don’t rush and listen carefully to the locals.” - Judith Oliver

6. “Walk through the beauty of the Dales and you will fall in love with them.” - Kevin Ward

7. “Try the Yorkshire puddings.” - Dawn Shubert

8. “Make the most of being in the best [region] in England.” - Dawn Hewitt

9. “Walk [along] the moors above Goathland.” - David Hutchinson

10. “Visit Scarborough - lovely place, lovely people.” - Patricia Carson

11. “Smile all the time - [there are] friendly people and [it’s] a beautiful place.” - Mabou Osman

12. “Move there! It’s my dream.” - Jacqueline Morris Goodwin

13. “Go to Malham and visit York city.” - Lynda Chambers

14. “Take a picnic to the Moors and just sit and drink in the beauty.” - Heather Wight

15. “Go on Harrogate Ghost Walk.” - Paul Forster

16. “Take a coat or two.” - Carolyn Turner

17. “Drive the length of Coverdale. [It’s] beautiful.” - Colin Barker

18. “Enjoy every moment.” - Jan Mable

19. “Enjoy the hospitality.” - Andy Nutt

20. “When ordering a chip or bacon buttie, on no account ask for a cob.” - Mark Johnson

21. “[Bring along] a sense of humour, decent outdoor clothing and strong boots; the conditions can change very quickly in Yorkshire and that’s why accidents happen.” - Rachel Demain

22. “Learn the lingo.” - Teresa Garrod