Artist’s tribute to NHS nurse who bravely works on in lockdown

An artist from Helmsley has painted a portrait as a tribute to a community nurse who has been going out throughout lockdown to care for vulnerable patients in their own homes.

The painting of Mary Welford is part of a PortraitsForNHSheroes campaign, honouring front-line workers by capturing them in free portraits.

Artist Fiona Scott said: “Mary is such a lovely, caring, happy person. She travels all over to farms and remote areas on the Moors and Dales.”

She said Ms Welford and her colleagues were “so brave, going out and carrying on and seeing all those vulnerable people,” adding: “I just thought, gosh, she is really deserving.”

Fiona Scott, an artist from Helmsley in North Yorkshire, who has painted a portrait of front-line NHS worker Mary Welford, as part of the #PortraitsForNHSheroes campaign.

Because of social distancing, Mrs Scott was unable to have sittings with Ms Welford, who works for York Teaching Hospital NHS, so worked from photos instead.

Mrs Scott, sister of journalist Selina Scott, said: “I’ve had a lot of comments saying what a lovely face she has and anyone would love to be looked after by Mary.”

Ms Welford said she “absolutely loved it”, adding: “Fiona didn’t want a big smile in the photos but I couldn’t help it – I always smile for my patients.”