Plans for Bradford city centre refused due to concerns over former underground mines in area

Plans for an industrial development in Bradford city centre have been refused after the Coal Authority raised concerns there could be former underground mines in the area.

Bradford City Hall
Bradford City Hall

An application to build two industrial units on the car park of Virgo House, off Caledonia Street, were submitted by Bingley based Amissou Properties in March.

The company wanted to build two 100 square metre units on the car park of the building previously used by Virgo Home Improvements, which shut in 2018.

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The Coal Authority, a body the Council regularly consults with on planning applications, objected to the plan, saying the site was a “high risk” area that could include old mine works.

In a submission to the Council, the authority said: “The Coal Authority records indicate that a thick coal outcrop crosses through the site. Where outcrops are present the authority considers there may be potential for unrecorded coal mine workings at shallow depth which require assessment.”

The Authority suggested that before permission was granted, investigation work would be needed to determine if there were any subterranean shafts on the site.

A report by Bradford Council’s planning officers said: “Further information was provided by the agent (for the applicants) in the form of a letter directed to the Coal Authority, however following a re-consultation they maintain their objection.

“It is unclear what risk the coal outcrop and possible mine workings at a shallow depth could pose to the proposed development and stability of the site. Therefore, the application is unable to be approved.”