Spurn Lightship and Arctic Corsair: This is when historic Hull ships will be on the move up the Humber on Tuesday October 5 - and where you can see them from

Timings for the sailings of two of Hull's most historic vessels on Tuesday have been confirmed.

The Arctic Corsair
The Arctic Corsair

The Spurn Lightship and Arctic Corsair are both being moved from their current berths at Hull Marina and Alexandra Dock to new locations as part of the Hull Maritime City project.

Both will undergo preservation work - the Spurn Lightship at Dunston's shipyard on William Wright Dock and the Arctic Corsair at Albert Duck.

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As neither vessel is now operational, they will be towed by tug boats.

The Spurn Lightship was built in 1927 and was moored off Spurn Point in the Humber Estuary, where it was used to warn approaching shipping. It was decommissioned in 1975 and has been a museum since 1987, after being restored by Hull City Council.

The Arctic Corsair was built in 1960 and is Hull's last surviving deep-sea sidewinder trawler, having been a museum ship since 1999. She once broke a world record for her catch and is a veteran of the Cod Wars.

The two vessels will eventually move to the redeveloped North End Shipyard in Dock Office Row in the Museums Quarter following their currrent restorations.

Subject to weather and river traffic, the Spurn Lightship will set off from 4.30pm on Tuesday October 5. The ship will leave Hull Marina by the lock gates, enter the Humber and then sail past Humber Quays, arriving at Albert Dock at around 6pm.

The Arctic Corsair will be towed along the Humber at 5.45pm, passing Victoria Dock and Humber Quays before arriving at Albert Dock at 7pm.

The public can view the ships moving. Recommended vantage points include:-

Spurn Lightship - Hull Marina, Humber Quays, Albert Dock gates

Arctic Corsair - Victoria Dock, Hull Marina, The Pier, Humber Quays, Albert Dock gates

The relocation of the two ships we are reliant on tide times, river traffic and the weather. Timings can and may change. In the event of adverse weather, the move of one or both ships may be postponed.