The new name of Buggerlugs the racehorse after owner forced to change 'inappropriate' name

The horse formally known as Buggerlugs has been given a new name after his owner was forced to change it.

Nick Rhodes, who gives all his horses Yorkshire-themed names, registered his two-year-old colt Buggerlugs last year, after the affectionate nickname his father, Les, called him as a child.

After his father's death, he decided to honour his memory by using the nickname, and had the name and registration signed off around six months ago.

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But a day before Buggerlugs was due to run his first race, Mr Rhodes was contacted by the authorities to say they'd had a complaint against the name and he had to change it, or they would pull him from the race.

Buggerlugs's name has been changed to Sling Yer Hook.

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Mr Rhodes, who is a retired chairman of mortgage brokers New Homes Group, said The British Horseracing Authority had told him it had a single complaint about the name, as it features a swear word.

A spokesperson for the BHA said: “On further consideration, the name was viewed as inappropriate.”

"It's discrimination and prejudice against the people of Yorkshire," he said. "I wish I hadn't changed the name and just let them pull him now, to be honest. There's nothing wrong with it. It's a term of endearment.

He has since changed the name to Sling Yer Hook.

Mr Rhodes first house was called Yorkshire Pudding, and his second was Eeh Bah Gum, which won four races in a row in 2018, culminating in a win at the Ebor.