An old TV found inside the house
An old TV found inside the house

Urban explorers uncover abandoned grade II-listed house which has been 'frozen in time'

A grade II listed house now resembles an eerie time capsule and has been left ‘frozen in time’ after it was abandoned when its owners died.

By Grace Hammond
Monday, 16th May 2022, 12:22 pm

Two urban explorers from Yorkshire came across the crumbling six bed property which is full of old newspapers, magazines, family photos and bottles of spirits amassed over decades.

Despite evidence that the house in Wigan, was lived in as recently at 2017, the décor and furnishings appear to be a time capsule from a much earlier decade.

A 1970s-style square tv features in the living room, while the carpet and wallpaper appears unchanged for decades.

A couple of urban explorers, known only as Andrew and Courtney, both 23, came across the house over the weekend as part of their hobby of finding fascinating abandoned buildings.

They believe the house, which appears to have been extended from a four-bed to a six-bed, belonged to a married couple called Jack and Synthia, who lived into their 90s.

They think Synthia died in 2012 and Jack lived alone until his death in 2017. The house has remained untouched ever since.

Courtney and Andrew often share their amazing discoveries on social media as urbexcoupleac.

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