You're not really from Yorkshire if you've never...

We asked you what only Yorkshire folk do - and you delivered, from chippy orders to letting someone pay for your pints all night.

Yorkshire Dales scenery
Yorkshire Dales scenery

Here's what you said. Scroll down and see how many of these you've done.

"Said, when asked on holiday where are you from, Yorkshire rather than England" - Catherine Turner

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"Walked past someone in the street and said. “Morning/Afternoon. When I lived in London, southerners hated that!" - Jim Chappelow

"If you never prefix family names with our (our Bev, our Lynne) when I first left Yorkshire, people thought it was weird that everyone in my family is called our." - Dawn Hoyle

"Shouted 'ow MUCH?!? when buying a pint somewhere else in the country." - Caron Hayward

"Pointed out the house in the middle of the M62 as you pass it." - Kerry Laville

"Put an extra word 'me' on the end of any comment about yourself: 'I always do that, me'" - Sadie Erica

"Eaten a pork pie or black pudding." - Keith Vaines

"Ordered chips in thick gravy." - Mark Johnson

"Told someone from Manchester that they’re not proper Northern!" - Sally Read

"Called your 'Dinner' - 'Tea'" - Craig Allen

"Told someone else every 30 seconds that you're from Yorkshire" - John Clark

"Walk in a room and say 'Nar then'" - Stuart Bell

"Replied to the Yorkshire Post on Facebook..." - Chris Shaw

"Had Yorkshire pudding as a starter before your dinner." - Brenda Darlington

"Walked up a ginnel!" - Paul Alster

"Let other people pay for your beer all night." - Bryden Holden

"Asked someone if they want a chuddy." - Safiyah Bi

"Gone t’shop" - Lindsay Harrison

"Fetched coyl, from the coyl Hoyle." Mick Oconnell