Free downloads: Day the wall came down

IT’S THE 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and to mark the occasion we’re making available historic pages from The Yorkshire Post’s archive to download and keep - entirely free.

The Yorkshire Post from November 11, 1989
The Yorkshire Post from November 11, 1989

Our front page from Saturday, November 11, reported that “amazed East Germans, some still in night clothes, watched as building workers joined border troops to tear down a section blocking Eberswaldestrasse”.

The deconstruction of the wall in those last weeks of the decade, and the fall of Communism across Eastern Europe, was one of the defining events of the second half of the 20th Century.

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Construction of the 96-mile concrete barrier which separated East and West Germany began in 1961, and formed the backdrop to impassioned presidential speeches by John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

In 1989, the hurriedly excavated holes became a gateway from the German Democratic Republic to the forbidden West, with the East German Communist Party chief Egon Krenz remarking that the leadership had learned “a major lesson we won’t forget”.

What he meant was that by opening the wall, people who were given the freedom to travel would actually return.

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