Yorkshire nostalgia: Skipton family starts new life Down Under... and 5ft sturgeon caught in Scarborough sparks argument

Seventy years ago this week, the Yorkshire Evening Post carried the story of one Yorkshire family preparing to make a new life for themselves Down Under.

Edmund ‘Bantam’ Dewhusrt, of Skipton, was pictured along with his wife and their six-year-old daughter Margaret on the first stage of their journey to Sydney, Australia, where Mr Dewhurst, a weaver, was to enter the textile industry.

They can be seen waving farewell to friends and neighbours and look like they are in high spirits. If you happen to know what became of them, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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In other news, a cat burglar scaled a 20ft fall-pipe to break into the home of a house on Torre Mount, off York Road, while Mr and Mrs C Watson were out. The intruder ransacked drawers and cupboards, stealing a new suit, shoes and three shillings in cash.

A six stone sturgeon caused something of a stir among the fishing community after it was landed at Scarborough. The 5ft 6inch long fish was caught by Billy Watkinson, who said: “It is the first sturgeon I have caught. It was very quiet and gave no trouble after being hauled in.”

Afterwards, there was a debate over when the last sturgeon was landed at the port. Some said it was 12 years earlier but one Thomas Scales, 78, a retired trawler owner, said he landed a two-and-a-half stone specimen eight years ago. Another fisherman claimed to have landed a small one just a year earlier.

The report observed: “The old custom of offering the fish to the King was not observed to-day. It was sold by auction for £21 to Mr Albert Sutton, a Scarborough fish merchant, who wold it to Cooper’s Polar Fisheries, Hull.”

And finally, the government lifted restrictions on buying new car tyres without a permit.