Bronte Sisters

Bronte Sisters
The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, where the famous sisters grew up. (Bruce Rollinson).

Christa Ackroyd: Don’t be a follower, be a Brontë

This week I have been on a pilgrimage. It’s one I often make in honour of the greatest women to come from my home city of Bradford and indeed the whole of Yorkshire, the Brontë sisters. No? Well name me three others who have had more influence over generations of young women in their home county and beyond.

Finn Atkins as Charlotte;  Charlie Murphy and Chloe Pirrie as Anne and Emily. The cast filmed on the Yorkshire moors in suitably wuthering weather.

Tragic yet immortal: The Brontës’ unhappy valley

Within nine months, from the September of 1848, through to the May of the following year, three prodigious talents died. The first to go was the older brother, aged a mere 31. In the December a younger sister died. She was just 30. And then in the late spring of 1849, another sibling’s short life was over. She was only 29. The first two died at their home on the Yorkshire moors. The last was at Scarborough. Welcome to to the tragic tale of the Brontës which Sally Wainwright has chosen to focus on for her latest drama.

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