Calls for government to scrap 'outdated, rip-off' MOT tests

Drivers are being overcharged by £200 when paying for compulsory MOT tests - and there have now been calls for them to be mothballed.

Car insurance comparison site described the vehicle tests as 'cash cows' which encourage disreputable behaviour by garages.

The MOT test changes that you need to know aboutThey have been slammed as 'outdated' and expensive - costing an average of £180 per year.

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Hundreds of cars may no longer need MOT motoring editor Amanda Stretton said:

“It seems MOT costs are the latest ‘cash cow’ plaguing motorists with drivers wasting £250m a year on rip-off MOT tests and unnecessary repairs.

“Our research shows that drivers feel they have been overcharged by £205 on a trip to the garage, with one in seven agreeing that they have been pressured into paying for repairs or parts they don’t need.

“And the recent MOT test changes might make it easier for drivers to be ripped off. If a vehicle falls under the new ‘dangerous’ category, it must not be driven until the issue is repaired, forcing drivers to pay at the garage where they failed their test. Whether this will encourage some mechanics to fail drivers and cash in remains to be seen.

"If drivers suspect a problem with their vehicle, we strongly recommend they read our guide to equip themselves with as much knowledge and advice as possible. They can also shop around for the best prices in their local area using a garage comparison tool."