Car insurance premiums rise by nearly £100 in a YEAR for Leeds drivers

Drivers in Leeds are paying up to 11 per cent more to renew their car insurance than they did 12 months ago.

A new premium calculator released by price comparison site has revealed stark rises in quotes in the past year.

In Leeds, the biggest jump is for men in the 41-45 age group, who can expect to pay nearly £100 more than they did in 2017.

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Their premiums have risen by 11 per cent - meaning that the average quote has gone up from £815 to £905.

The lowest rise is for new female drivers - the 17-20 age group has seen only a six per cent rise, from £2,135 to £2,263.

However, male teenagers are now paying average premiums of more than £3,000 a year for the first time.

Their quotes (ages 17-20) have risen by 10 per cent, from £2,767 to £3,044.

There were also 10 per cent rises in the 26-30 male and 41-45 female categories. The former has jumped from £1,237 to £1,361 and the latter from £635 to £698.

For a woman aged 26-30, the increase is eight per cent, from £878 to £948.

The average is around eight per cent for all other age groups.