Here's when and why you'll start spotting learner drivers on motorways in Yorkshire

A huge shake-up into the process of how people learn to drive is about to come into effect.

Learner drivers will be on motorways from next month

And one of the big changes that has got a lot of people talking revolves around learner drivers being allowed on the motorway network.

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Under old rules, learner drivers were not allowed on the motorway, unless they opted to take the Pass Plus scheme, which offers more training on top of the standard driving lessons such as motorway driving and night time motoring.

Learner drivers will be on motorways from next month

But from Monday, June 4, all that will change.

Learner drivers will be able take lessons on the motorways of England, Scotland and Wales in a bid to help them feel more comfortable with the network, and learn how to use it safely.

Learners will need to be accompanied by an approved driving instructor in a car with dual controls.

It is left to the judgement of the instructor as to whether they believe the learner is competent enough for the high-speed training.

Until this law change comes into effect, it will still be illegal for learner drivers to use the motorways.

The change will only apply to people learning to drive cars, so learner motorcyclists still will not be allowed on motorways.

As things stand, motorway driving isn't being included on the test as part of this change.


The usual rules apply with a learner motorist when on motorways, in terms of how other motorists should act.

You should keep a safe distance if the learner driver is in front of you and increase that gap on wet or icy roads.


The changes are being made so that learner drivers can develop a broader driving experience before taking their test.

It will allow learners to gain experience of all common motorway practices, such as overtaking, joining and leaving the carriageway and driving at higher speeds.

It will also help them develop understanding of signage, what to do if a vehicle breaks down and improve their confidence on the motorways.