What is Christmas Tree Saturday and when is it? Everything you need to know about this Christmas tree shopping day

We are approaching the period when families get into the festive mood and decorate their Christmas trees - here is everything you need to know about Christmas Tree Saturday.

Christmas trees. (Pic credit: Jim Fitton)

Christmas is nearly here with only 31 days to go until the big day - and people are starting to prepare by buying presents and decorating their Christmas trees.

What is Christmas Tree Saturday?

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The start of the sharp rise in people shopping for their Christmas trees is dubbed ‘Christmas Tree Saturday’.

The rush for Christmas trees is expected to rise at the supermarkets and farms this weekend by 15 per cent this year as shoppers get into the festive spirit early.

Tesco supermarket is stocking up on longer-lasting, non-drop Christmas trees such as the Nordman fir to meet the high demand for trees to endure the extended season. This is being brought on by a response to the pandemic and Brexit shipping issues.

When is Christmas Tree Saturday?

The day usually falls on the Saturday around 28 days before Christmas Day. This year it is on November 27.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Over the last few years Tesco has noticed the demand for Christmas trees started earlier and earlier in the season. And this year it is predicting sales to start this coming weekend, in November.

“Not only that, based on increasing sales over the last few years, the supermarket is predicting demand to be up by around 15 per cent last year.”

Christopher Hood, the director and founder of Needlefresh, which sells more than 700,000 trees every year, said that demand for real trees was increasing each year.

He told the PA news agency: “We are going to have to have a really good year for real Christmas trees this year. We see people buying trees perhaps a bit earlier than normal and by the beginning of December the thing will have got into full swing and we expect the majority of people to be out looking for their real tree for this year.

“We have seen a significant increase in sales, particularly of living pot grown trees which have absolutely taken off in the past three years.

“I think it’s a culmination of what’s going on with Brexit and the fact that generally people have been struggling with Covid, people want to celebrate and they want to find something to enjoy.”