Entrepreneur launches hot new online store for alternative kids’ clothes

Little Lulu's shoes are designed in England and made using the finest leather and suede from Nappa
Promoted by Little Wren

The battle to find stylish, interesting clothes for wee ones is one that frustrates many new parents. One new mum saw it as the chance to build the ideal online shop for tots.

A mum-to-be who became so frustrated with typical, gender normative high street children’s outfits has taken matters into her own hands – and created a one stop shop for stylish kids.

Aisha Alkhaja wanted to find clothes that reflected a more modern and edgy look, that were practical, a little different and full of character.

But what she found on the high street left her frustrated and wondering where she could find the kind of sassy outfits that popped up on her Instagram feed.

“I was looking at baby clothes while I was pregnant and found it so frustrating,” recalled Aisha. “Little girls’ clothes seemed to be all about making them look like little dolls. And the boys’ stuff was either navy blue or khaki, or a bit ‘preppy’.

“I felt everything was either really babyish, or ‘little old man’!”

As a result, Aisha spent her pregnancy on a mission: tracking down designers and putting together a plan to help bring stylish new children’s clothes to parents like her.

The result of Aisha’s endeavours is her exciting new online store – packed with stylish outfits and accessories with a modern vibe, all created in the final weeks of her pregnancy and first months as a new mum.

Little Wren – named after her son Lawrence, who Aisha and partner John Campleman call ‘Wren’ – was launched on the tot’s first birthday. And just a few month’s on, Aisha is already looking into how she can take her idea even further, and launch her own Little Wren collection.

Aisha wanted to find brands that fitted today’s shift towards unisex style outfits, that are a little edgy and more in keeping with a baby or toddler growing up in a modern world. But with the high street shrinking and less choice of shops to visit, she turned to social media to help.

“I did lots of research and found brands on Instagram that I loved,” she added. “I handpicked things I liked for my son and made sure they were really good quality before I included them.

“The aim was create a luxury, one stop shop for parents who want something different.”

Shoppers visiting Little Wren’s website can expect to find outfits for kids from birth up to 10 years old, singing with attitude and style, which make a statement yet are practical and hard wearing.

Aisha has made a special effort to look for brands which follow an ‘eco’ policy, using natural materials – and ingredients for her mums’ skincare collections – and products with a proven track record for quality.

She’s also branched out from clothes, to include ‘must have’ items like maternity wear, hip seats – for when baby arrives – cool Omnio stroller and ‘dad’ style backpacks.

Fed up with what the high street has to offer? Here’s Aisha’s pick of five ‘must have’ Little Wren products for a stylish little one – and you too!

1. Clean Beauty Babe Balm (£28): A multi-purpose balm that can be used as a cleanser, moisturizer and high-lighter which is perfect for a Mum’s hectic schedule!

2. Little Lulu’s, (from £42) shoes which are designed in the UK by a mummy and made in Italy using the finest Nappa leather and suede.

3. Snuzpod, (£199.95) a bedside sleeper that enables parents to be close to their babies without having the worries that come with baby sleeping in the same bed. It is also easier for those night feeds!

4. Buddy and Bear, (from £6) a home-ware brand that design cool items for little ones. The designs are simple and modern! “My son loves them,” says Aisha.

5. Max and the Star, (from £5), a English brand that design contemporary clothing for kids. They’re particularly noteworthy for their stylish slogan tees - Game of Thrones fans are sure to find something for their young ones to love.

Check out Little Wren’s exciting collection by going to www.littlewren.com