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Michelle Dockery, and Helen Mirren, below.
Michelle Dockery, and Helen Mirren, below.
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The stars came out in 2013 dressed to impress. Stephanie Smith Stephanie Smith selects our favourite fashion-wearing women of the year.

The year 2013 was a fabulous one for fashion, with luxury emerging to combine with sleek, dramatic shapes.

The international catwalks debut the trends, but it is on the red carpet that we see fashion in all its glory, as stars of all ages interpret the new moods – and show us that, sometimes, the classic approach works best. Here are our favourite fashion ambassadors of the year.

Kate Moss, 39: As she approaches 40, Ms Moss has adopted a new approach, with lots of black and working the tuxedo androgyny trend like no one has ever got it right before. She’s never overdone, yet always looks polished and radiant, with an edge of danger – pure fashion gold, which is why she remains one of the world’s leading models.

Victoria Beckham, 39: VB always puts on show, from the airport to the red carpet. She gets stick for looking over-styled, but what’s wrong with trying hard, we say. She genuinely loves and enjoys fashion, as does husband David, and now it’s a family concern, with all four children immaculately turned out (and Romeo joining the ultra-cool Burberry modelling squad, age 10). Meanwhile, VB’s own collections have gone from strength to strength, with some lovely pieces to come for spring 14. She’s a keeper.

Helen Mirren, 68: Another daring fashion wearer who clearly loves red carpet dressing without taking herself too seriously. She always looks stunning and comfortable, dressing age appropriately while remaining undeniably sexy. The perfect choice for the M&S autumn Leading Ladies campaign, she embodies style and grace, always delivered with a hint of wickedness.

The Downton Abbey girls: Michelle Dockery, 32; Laura Carmichael, 27; Joanne Froggatt, 33. Whether they are snapped out and about on the streets of New York or on the red carpet, the whole cast of Downton is doing Britain proud (Hugh Bonneville, 50, is one snappy dresser), but special mention goes to Michelle (for elegance), Laura (for high fashion style) and Joanne (for being adorable). Well done, girls.

Mary Berry, 78: Never mind the baking, we think Mary Berry deserves recognition for services to fashion. She scrubs up beautifully, providing delightful surprises with her elegant outfits. She is brave and shows that, just because you are over 60, you don’t have to be invisible, happily wearing silk, sequins and lots of bling.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 26: For being the new fashion goddess, with heavenly beauty, adding a touch of high-end class at Marks & Spencer by modelling a series of lovely outfits in the Alice-meets-Oz Christmas advert. Endlessly snapped on the society circuits, she seems to have a life of glamour the rest of us can only dream of, epitomising the heady dreamworld of pure fashion.

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