Huddersfield pub's plan to reopen at one minute past midnight scuppered by last minute announcement

A West Yorkshire pub's plan to reopen at 12.01am on Saturday has been scuppered - after a last minute announcement by the government.

Staff at Showtime Sports Bar on Zetland Street, Huddersfield, were hoping to provide a 'welcome form of relief for the punters who have been waiting patiently' for the reopening by opening at the very earliest opportunity.

Managing Director Adam Snowball, said events had 'taken on a course of their own' - with many of their customers 'phoning, emailing, texting and using social media' to request the earlier reopening.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson today announced that pubs would only be able to reopen from 6am on Saturday - ruining the plans.

Showtime Huddersfield

Manager Ian Snowball said: "It is a massive let down for us, staff and our security team.

"It is a bit naughty on the government's side, they have been on the back foot throughout all of this.

"To change the rules again is a bit inconsiderate.

"The sign of panic decision making is never a good move for any government directive or law.

Showtime Huddersfield

"But we are where we are and we will, as always, find a work around."

Ian said punters at the bar would be 'gutted' by the news.

He added: "We have had some pretty strong opinions back to us already.

"The problem from our side is that we have no way of contacting people who have made plans to get here for midnight, so they will all be let down, that is who I really feel for, these loyal few are our lifeblood, the only reason we have survived so long and been the success we are today."