Is meat eating on the decline? North Yorkshire organic firm says so

It may sound a little surprising but a new survey commissioned by a North Yorkshire company claims that 27% of the population are eating less meat now than they were a year ago.

An organic food box by Riverford.

In these days when the trend for vegetarianism seems to have slowed long ago, Riverford Organic Farms’ business development manager said it confirmed what they were experiencing in the industry.

Greg Penn, who works at Riverford’s North Yorkshire base is at Home Farm at Newby Wiske, near Northallerton, said: “Many people are unaware that livestock agriculture contributes a massive 10-12% of manmade climate change on the planet.

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“Alongside this are all the health, animal welfare, pollution and antibiotic resistance arguments against eating meat.”

Riverford launched the survey as part of its How Much Meat? campaign, designed to inspire the public to look at the impact of the meat they currently consume.

As it sells meat as part of its range, it was a slightly unusual move. But Greg Penn said it was being received well by their box customers.

He said: “The Riverford style of cooking has always been in making veg the star of the dish, with a little bit of good organic meat as a treat.

“Less and better is our guide.”