See inside the Mr Kipling factory in Yorkshire that produces 1,000 cakes per minute

Cake brand Mr Kipling is gearing up for a busy Easter.

Staff at work preparing Lemon Slices

We were invited to tour parent company Premier Foods' factory in Carlton, near Barnsley, where the entire range of Mr Kipling Easter treats is made, including Lemon Slices, Lemonade and Elderflower Slices, Lemon Fancies, Lemon Whirls, Egg Fancies and Triple Chocolate Slices. Angel Slices are the most popular product, while on-trend Unicorn Slices proved to be one of the most successful new additions to the line. Carlton, which has been making Mr Kipling products since 1975, produces a billion cakes a year and can churn our 864 fondant fancies and 1,000 cake slices per minute. There are 750 core staff and 150 extra workers recruited at Easter, when 21million cakes are made every week.

Staff oversee the preparation of lemon slices

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Easter is the second-busiest period for the factory after Christmas
1,000 cakes a week are churned out by the production line
Mr Kipling cakes have been made on the site since 1975
The workforce increases by 150 during the Easter period
The Carlton factory is located on an old colliery site
The brand follows food trends when designing new product lines
21million cakes a week will be produced during the Easter period
There are 750 permanent staff at Premier Foods in Carlton