Watch as Patrick Stewart delivers dramatic leaving speech to Yorkshire Tea employee in hilarious new advert

Iconic Yorkshire actor Patrick Stewart is the star of a hilarious new Yorkshire Tea advert.

We're more used to seeing Patrick Stewart command the bridge of the Starship Enterprise as the indomitable Captain Jean-Luc Picard, or fighting for mutant-human peace as Professor X in X Men.

Yet the beloved actor's latest role sees him among office workers at Yorkshire Tea, ahead of one of the team's leaving 'do.

Star Trek viewers have watched Stewart, as Picard, deliver many a rousing speech to Riker, Worf, and the rest of the Enterprise crew, as they fought to defeat fearsome enemies in the Alpha Quadrant.

Beloved Yorkshire actor Patrick Stewart filming the latest Yorkshire tea advert

But in the advert, his moving speech is directed at Yorkshire Tea office worker Tina - who is just finishing her last day with the company.

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As Tina receives a leaving card under golden "good luck" balloons in the office, she's told "Patrick has a few words".

The camera then pans to Stewart, who swings around in a creaking office chair, holding a mug of Yorkshire Tea.

He rises and delivers a stirring leaving speech guaranteed to leave viewers with goosebumps.

"Ahh Tina," he begins "the void so hollow that you shall leave. The emptiness felt within these walls where only the soft weeping of the forgotten reverberates."

The speech continues in the same dramatic vein as Stewart pays homage to Tina's "enchanting" laughter and the "sweet rasp" of her stapler.

Finally, the moving music fades, and Stewart invites the team for a pint at "the Dog and Trumpet" after work - where he's heard there's a tab behind the bar.

Why the intense leaving speech? At Yorkshire Tea "everything's done proper," the advert explains.

Speaking about his appearance in the advert, Stewart said: "No matter where I am in the world I always make sure I have some Yorkshire Tea with me for a proper brew.

"My career has taken me from the West End to Broadway, from Hollywood to the far ends of the galaxy... but now I've returned to where it all began. Yorkshire."

Watch the whole advert above.