Project is brewing to make Yorkshire Tea an emoji

A nation of tea lovers.
A nation of tea lovers.
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It's by far the nation's top tipple and now ahead of National Tea Day, the folk at Yorkshire Tea are campaigning to bring a teamoji to your keyboard.

There is one for cocktails, coffee and other drinks in between but nothing for a good old fashioned brew so, calling on Unicode, the official emoji council, Yorkshire Tea has submitted a proposal for a teapot to be added to the emoji roster.

If successful, the campaign would see a teapot emoji available on smartphones and social media channels such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. Short and stout, the teamoji will have both a handle and a spout as well as being red in colour.

Yorkshire Tea says there is clear demand for a teamoji, with a teapot emoji being searched on Google over one million times. Tea fans also love to share their cuppas on social media, with a combined 1.8million uses of #teapot and #cupoftea on Instagram alone.

Other statistics reveal 84 per cent of the population are tea drinkers and we drink more than 165 million brews every day.

Elle Tehrani, digital manager at Yorkshire Tea said: “At Yorkshire Tea we’re proud to be the home of a proper brew, we’ve submitted this proposal so tea lovers can have an emoji that suits their every tea related need. If coffee and matcha can have their own emoji, then why isn’t there one for a proper brew? We think a teamoji will be welcomed by tea fans across the world.”

If successful, the teamoji will launch in March 2020.