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There is little to set up on a PC that it can't do by itself

A charge to set up your new PC? The shop should be paying you

There has been much talk lately of the allegedly unscrupulous practice of adding up to £40 to the price of a new computer or laptop for an optional “setup service”. The consumer group Which? has gone so far as to warn Currys PC World that the charges could contravene the law, and has demanded that customers be reimbursed.

Gadgets and Tech
A standard zapper is an old-fashioned way to control your smart TV

Smarter ways to zap your TV

Your smart TV might actually be smarter than you think, because no matter how many buttons the manufacturer has been squeezed on to the remote control, they are unlikely to cover all its functions.

Gadgets and Tech
Those new presents might need some adjustments...

How to adjust Christmas Day to perfection

The days of arguing over a copy of the double-issue Radio Times about what to watch on Christmas night are long behind us. With a virtual branch of Blockbuster in your front room, courtesy of all the streaming services out there, the choice is literally limitless. If there is an argument now, it is more likely over which one to subscribe to.

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