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Has the smartwatch’s time finally arrived?

If there’s one market that moves faster than technology, it’s fashion. Since the days of upstairs sewing sweatshops in the East End, the rag trade has been renowned for turning around the latest designs from Milan and getting them into Matalan in less than the time it takes to lace a pair of shoes.

Gadgets and Tech
TVs with Android built in are starting to gain traction

Should your next TV be an Android?

Beyond the very cheapest models, most televisions on the shelves today are smart models, with built-in apps to receive content broadcast via the internet instead of over the air. But only now is a consistent standard for those apps beginning to emerge.

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The Huawei Honor 9 Lite is the new budget phone from the world's second biggest manufacturer

Why Huawei is the big new kid on the block

There is some truth in the old adage about security in numbers. Especially where technology is concerned, the knowledge that a product is backed by the infrastructure of a large global manufacturer and not a simply warehouse operator in Coventry, provides some assurance that its useful life might outlast its guarantee.

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Serif's Affinity Photo looks like Photoshop, but you only buy it once

Best alternatives to Photoshop, for far less money

The dominant age of the desktop computer is over, at least in the home. And so, it seems, is the age of buying desktop software. It is simply not cost effective for vendors to print their code on to silver disks, pack them in cardboard boxes and send them out to retailers.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones have been offered at savings of �90

Are grey imports really worth the risk?

Most of us are aware of the perils of buying apparently genuine electronics from non-official suppliers. Purchasing on some websites can be scarcely more reliable than picking up goods off the back of a lorry from someone you met in the pub.

Gadgets and Tech
Parking apps are a Godsend, especially in an unfamiliar location

Best apps to find and book a car park

IT was the comedian Victor Borge who noticed that aeroplanes and cars had been designed the wrong way around. How much easier it would be, he said, if you could take a flight to the airport and then drive between cities.

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