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Why buy a digital photo frame when you already have a big TV?

DIGITAL photo frames used to be the go-to solution at Christmas for relatives with few technical skills who nevertheless wanted to be able to see the latest pictures of their extended family.

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This �140 Humax Freeview recorder will tape two programmes at once and skip instantly through the commercials

Do you really still need to record TV shows in the iPlayer age?

WE have come a long way since the days when recording a TV programme involved setting a timer so complicated that only a schoolchild could do it. Today, with most modern devices, a single click on the electronic programme guide captures an entire series.

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Google Photos creates albums of people and pets - if it thinks you're in America

How to switch on new features by fooling Google into thinking you’re in the US

THE avalanche of seemingly petty rules and requirements from Brussels has long since encroached into the online world - most infamously in the form of those “cookie” warnings that appear on the first page of every website you visit.

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Google's new �50 Home Mini is its rival to amazon's Echo Dot

Google’s new camera literally presses the button for you

IT’S like Upstairs Downstairs, but with a little plastic box playing the part of Hudson the butler.

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2-in-1 laptops have detachable screens that can be used as tablets

Is a 2-in-1 laptop as good as a tablet?

LAPTOPS are all very well for working on the move, but for casual surfing at home they’re big and heavy, they take too long to boot up and the battery has a habit of dying half way through the evening.

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Fiona Burks in her  harrogate shop Yarns Etc.  Picture Tony Johnson.

Casting off to a career in yarns

Fiona Burks’ business has just been named in the top three of yarn shops in the North of England. Catherine Scott meets her.

The Fossil Q range of hybrid watches have conventional analogue faces but can track your fitness and pair with your phone

Hybrid - the new type of watch that’s smarter than it looks

IT WAS supposed to be the next big thing of 2017, but time is running out if the smartwatch is to make an impression.

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Pholio is a hard disk photo album that sits on your bookcase

Pholio - The photo album on your bookshelf that’s really a hard disk

THE move from paper to digital photography has seen many of us reclaim space on our bookshelves that would otherwise have been occupied by albums. Meanwhile, the market for those sticky photo corners that held the pictures in place on the page has fallen through the floor.

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The �999 Apple iPhone X has a glass front and back

Apple’s iPhone X faces up to its rivals

Announced last month but on sale, finally, this week, Apple’s iPhone X confounds expectations on several levels.

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The Amazon Echo Spot is an alarm clock with a video camera

Why Amazon wants to put a video camera in your bedroom

DESPITE the clamour by tech companies to connect everyone to everything, it has been a while since I heard anyone complain about the encroaching footprint of Big Brother

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The Yubikey Neo connects to a computer and your phone

Is it worth buying a USB security key for your PC?

With convenience comes risk, especially when you’re trying to access your online accounts from multiple sources.

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VIDEO: G-SHOCK watch survives incredible trip into space to test 'world’s toughest timepiece'

A G-SHOCK watch has survived an incredible unprotected trip into space on a mission to test the world's toughest timepiece - watch the amazing video here.

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The Roku Stick has a remote with dedicated buttons for the most popular services

How to make your smart TV smarter still

OTHER than the very cheapest supermarket models, most television sets tend now to have smart apps built in. But however much you pay, you might find your model isn’t smart enough to let you watch what you want.

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LG's new V30 has a TV-quality screen

LG’s new V30 is tremendous - but here’s why you shouldn’t buy it

TODAY’S exotic phones are tomorrow’s budget models, so this month’s clutch of new releases at the top end of the market offers a tantalising glimpse at technology that will soon be universal.

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You don't need a new car to take advange of the latest technology

The cheapest ways to put the latest tech in your car

THE list of new vehicles with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built in is growing by the month - they’re almost as common now as climate control - but you don’t need to change your car to get the benefit of the latest on-the-road technology.

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Ten fascinating facts you may not know about conkers

Autumn means conker season, and it's time to get collecting.

The �340 Nikon D3400 is an entry-level DSLR camera

Still no substitute for a proper digital camera

SO many of us take pictures with our phones these days that it’s sometimes hard to see the point of standalone cameras costing upwards of £1,000.

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Which processors offer the best performance and value?

How to reliably spot the fastest computer

A GENERATION on from the first home computers, the language used to describe them is as bewildering as ever, and for a good reason... the manufacturers prefer it that way.

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The Motorola Z2 Play has snap-on accessories that add modular functionality

With these phone add-ons, who needs a PC?

The most powerful computer in your life probably isn’t the PC in your office. More likely it’s the phone in your pocket.

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The Nokia 3 is a budget, back-to-school choice

Are Nokia phones back in fashion, despite the ‘new’ 3310?

YOU KNEW where you were with a Nokia phone in the 1990s. It was the world’s number one brand and its handsets were better built than the rest, easier to use and generally more reliable.

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