Best three gadgets to take on a winter walk

The Silva Expedition 4 base plate compass
The Silva Expedition 4 base plate compass
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Way to go: If you’re planning a winter adventure, then you need to be prepared.

One essential is a compass and this Silva Expedition 4 base plate compass is ideal. It comes with a classic red and white needle, luminous markings for navigation in the dark and a magnifying lens. £33, gooutdoors.co.uk

Write as rain: You’re out walking, you find yourself inspired by the countryside and feel moved to jot down a few thoughts, the only problem is it’s raining. Fear not, the Rite in the Rain pocket notebook comes with 100 pages of waterproof paper. Slip it into your pocket and wait for the muse to strike. £5.29, amazon.co.uk

Map My Walk: This app tracks your route, time, distance, speed, pace and calories burned, and syncs with the main website so you can view the information in a larger format on your PC. It also lets you share information and routes with fellow walkers.