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New buds on established indoor fuchsias are the sign that the plants are getting ready for a new year of growth – but they may also need your help.

Early in the New Year, re-pot them – get them out of their containers and try to remove as much as possible of the old compost.

Then replace them in the same pots (or slightly larger ones) filled with fresh compost.

To help keep the plants bushy, prune them hard, taking all the side-shoots back to one or two buds from the main stem. Then water – and maintain a more regular watering regime as the fuchsias continue to sprout fresh growth.

In fact, January is not a bad time to repot many conservatory plants which have probably used up all the nutrients in their containers. Some will, in fact, be so pot-bound that their roots will need trimming and teasing apart.

Always add a bit of slow-release fertiliser when you’re re-potting indoor plants – but always check the label on the packet before you throw in a handful.