Going to pot 
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GOING TO POT: Indoor plants deserve decent care and attention.
GOING TO POT: Indoor plants deserve decent care and attention.
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It must be difficult being a houseplant; having to put on a show day in day out, yet rarely if ever receiving any word of thanks.

And yet despite sometimes even a basic amount of TLC, the majority of houseplants soldier on and continue to do their job.

Houseplants, the steadfast, dependable millions that have to battle poor light, drought, drowning, starvation and the highs and lows of temperatures inside the average English home – deserve better.

So before you spring-clean your home, spring-clean your plants. Repot them if they need it (look for roots poking out of the base of the container) and then make sure they are in the right place. Light needs vary so check the tag that comes with the plant when you bought it.

If a plant needs more humidity than it can get on a windowsill, put it in the bathroom. For those plants that seem to need lots of water, pop their pots in a saucer that contains gravel; the gravel can be covered with water. Change the water every few days to avoid pests and diseases.

Watering can be tricky. Plants can easily be killed by over-watering. For most plants, water when the soil surface begins to dry and not when it feels damp to the touch.

Basically, it’s a case of knowing what plant wants what – and remembering them when spring comes around. Consider it the plant equivalent of a car’s MOT.