Q&A: Palace Purple

Palace Purple
Palace Purple
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Q: You recently mentioned Heucheras, commenting on their leaf colour and hardiness. Do they grow well in pots outdoors throughout the year and are there any deep-red or purple-leaved varieties?

A: Heuchera micrantha ‘Palace Purple’ is a showy perennial for ground cover, borders, and, yes, containers – in fact, anywhere.

It’s hardy, non-invasive, produces deep red-purple/purple foliage and needs very little care or maintenance.

It does best in sun but it will tolerate shade, although its foliage will lose some of its lustre. Give it a decent soil and it will be happy to go on growing for years.

It’s best to remove the plant’ small flowers as soon as they begin to wilt. Cut them at the base of the stem. This encourages more flowering and more foliage growth.

Dig up and divide plants every three to four years. Discard old, woody growth and replant the healthy. This is a job best done in spring.

Heucheras like a mulch and a boost of fertilizer in spring to help them get a good start to the new growing season.