Slammer will help you cope with hard labour

The Slammer multi-purpose tool isn't fazed by thick plants roots or even concrete.
The Slammer multi-purpose tool isn't fazed by thick plants roots or even concrete.
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It looks like something an orc might have used in the battle for Middle 
Earth – black, heavy and strong enough to do a considerable amount of damage.

And seeing as how Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand, perhaps it’s only right that this hefty implement should have been born in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

But the Slammer wasn’t invented to wreak havoc on flesh and bone – it was designed to make life easier, notably when it comes to demanding, physical work.

In the words of the manufacturer, “The Slammer is an industrial commercial multi-purpose tool that is a combination of crowbar, axe, spade, mattock/grubber all in one. It is very useful for all sorts of tough, tight jobs and excellent for people with sensitive backs. It makes difficult jobs easier as it enables the user to keep an upright position and good posture.”

Basically, it’s two bars – one inside the other – and a cutting blade at the bottom. You slam down the inner bar and the force pushes the cutting blade through soil, rubble, thick plant roots etc.

It will split wood, put the fear of God into concrete and, with the help of various accessories, become a mini piledriver and even help you free the bogged-down 4x4 if you haven’t mastered the art of driving a Chelsea tractor.

And it works – certainly in the garden – where I have used it recently to lift several 3ft x 2ft concrete slabs set on a substantial bed of hard core. It’s not the quietest of tools, but the Slammer slammed its way through in next to no time.

I loaned it to a neighbour who was having difficulty digging a post hole. His verdict – stunning. The hard-packed ground and the old fence post surrendered within minutes.

The Slammer isn’t a play tool; it’s the choice of people who need its capabilities for a variety of tasks. And it has to work to earn its keep. So, if you want something for a one-off job, then look elsewhere. But if you want a year-round helpmate, the Slammer could be it.

The Slammer company is hoping to find a manufacturer in the UK or Europe to produce tools under licence, but they can be bought from the online store at At the moment, there’s a £20 off deal with the Slammer costing £129 plus £9 carriage to mainland UK addresses.