Get up and grow for the world

BTCV’S Carbon Army has teamed up with Climate Week to ask people across West Yorkshire to get out their spades and have a go at growing food this spring.

During the second World War, the Ministry of Agriculture asked people to “Dig for Victory” and turn over spare land to food growing; by 1943, more than a million tons of vegetables were being grown in gardens and allotments.

Now we’re facing climate change and growing our own could once again play a vital role in winning the battle.

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The Carbon Army campaign offers groups and individuals help to turn their food growing ambitions into reality. And to get the campaign off to a flying start, BTCV, the environmental volunteering organisation, has asked members of its community network in West Yorkshire to get involved.

Some 95 community groups have been urged to join the campaign – now BTCV wants you to take part too, whether by joining one of BTCV’s existing food-growing projects, setting up a new one or just growing what you can, the Carbon Army can help you do your bit this Climate Week (March 21-27).

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